Session 26
Not feeling like myself...

After having a confrontation with Arkazul, the heroes travelled southwards towards the Burial Mound of Talgaleth. They encountered an insane fey and an epic battle ensued, wherein the heroes came out victorious but Reollo and Sirath were seriously injured as a result.

22nd day of 3rd Nimos Second Epoch 2151

Tiberius having been awake for a number of hours studying waits as the rest of the group wakes with the sun. As Reollo and Sirath wake they realize that their wounds have healed, another unexplained instance.

Breaking fast and then breaking camp the heroes move off slowly to the burial mound. After several hours of travelling they emerge out of the woods and from their elevated position can look down upon a vista of the burial mound of Talgaleth situated within a small sea of smaller burial mounds. The mound of Talgaleth itself is well over 200’ in size. The whole complex covers about a half mile in total.

Session 26 continued

Session 25
Burnt to the water line & I am beginning to feel out numbered, bring it on.

Having cleared out Narl’s Tower and having retrieved their quest target one of the black cubes, the heroes exit the tower to be confronted by the revelation that Arkazul and Brosphor are possibly one and the same although the voice is clearly that of Arkazul that demands the black cube or their friend dies.

18th day of 3rd Nimos Second Epoch 2151
Arkazul rising to Brosphor’s full stature, disdain in his eyes then says with power behind his voice “Bow before your god.” The heroes feel a wave of terror wash over them but they are not affected but the madness that pulls at their edges of sanity. Reollo hesitation however is shocked by the revelation, struggling to understand whether his friend is Arkazul or is possessed and not in control. Lucky has no such hesitation and goes into action. In blur of movement he draws an arrow, notches it and fires putting an arrow into the eye of Arkazul. Sirath charges drawing his sword as he goes. Tiberius casts a spell in an attempt to trip Arkazul over, however he is not affected. Reollo coming to grips with what is happening follows up from behind. The air dims slightly and Arkazul is no longer standing where he should and is now at the end of the jetty. Arkazul pulls the arrow out of the eye socket, “Last chance. Give me the cube or your friend dies.” The heroes continue to advance silent, “You had your warning, this is not over.” the air dims again and Arkazul is gone.

Session 25 continued

You should never leave a man behind
Norhtal’s story...

18th day of 3rd Nimos Second Epoch 2151

Left behind. I can’t believe it. Reollo just made the decision without consulting and for some reason I was considered to be the best candidate, like I was the dispensable one. Just like when they forgot about me at Fallsea when they went to Tabott’s Corner. So now I am left to nurse maid a man of questionable sanity and I have no idea what to do if something were to go wrong. Damn it all to the nine planes! Fortunately I have a few rations left and the fire in the sitting room works well enough to cook by. I don’t even know when they will return if ever, no mention of that. I guess I’ll just have to forage and fish to get me by if it takes any longer.

Entry continued

Session 24
The Hag is black, now pink & We have got it now its time to go.

Having cleared out the second level of Narl’s Tower of an Annis and some shadows, the heroes rest for a moment before moving upwards and onwards.

8th day of 3rd Nimos Second Epoch 2151

The heroes ascend to the next floor. Opening the door from the stair case they are confronted by a 20’ x 20’ room. Directly across the room outlined in a single door open, is what they recognise as a black hag. A terror from their childhood horror tales. Creatures of evil black hags steal children in the dead of night to eat them. To their left and right are two doors in each wall, through the open door ways, past the four large bluish/green ogre like creatures with long spears they can see in each room another four of the creatures with long spears.

Session 24 continued

Session 23
Sure I have a new tattoo but I am not going back in there & excuse me would you like a breath mint?

Previously the heroes tried to get some answers out of Brosphor and becoming concerned about his strange behaviour. They left Norhtal with Brosphor at the manor after Brosphor became unconscious. Lucky, Reollo, Sirath and Tiberius piloted a boat to Narl’s Tower finding it enshrouded in a gloomy otherworld darkness that almost killed Reollo and Sirath when they cross the boundary.

18th day of 3rd Nimos Second Epoch 2151

Reollo and Sirath wake up 8 hours later, healed. They have vague recollections of meeting someone, being told something but cannot quite remember what it was or for what reason. They light a fire to warm themselves by after collect a small amount of drift wood and discuss between themselves how they are not willing to try and enter the tower if that means going through the shadowy veil surrounding it. Taking time to take further stock of themselves, to wash and recuperate they notice that on themselves and each other they have what appear to iridescent tattoos on them in the devise of the ascendants. Reollo bearing the mark of Krolros on his right shoulder and Sirath has Kagyn’s mark across his chest.

Session 23 continued

Session 22
What are you doing here? No seriously tell me & Aggghhh F@#K that hurts!

Striking out from Talgyn’s End to the shores of Narl’s Deep the heroes attain the ancestral home of Tiberius only to find it occupied. Resting the night behind a close by hill, the heroes mount an offensive at dawn using surprise to even any odds against them. Successfully they overcome the demon and her two ogre companions.

17th day of 3rd Nimos Second Epoch 2151
Taking pause and assessing the situation at the end of the brief but bloody skirmish. There was some debate as to whether to try and keep the unconscious Annis for questioning. Sirath quickly finishes the debate with a sword thrust. At that point there is a yell from Norhtal, who as far as the others could tell was upstairs. Getting their bearings they bolt upstairs to find Norhtal standing on the upstairs landing looking somewhat anxious. He looks at Reollo and says “Y-y-y-you h-h-had better s-s-see this.” and promptly goes into the room he came from. Following him into the room the party discover a figure sprawled on the single bed in the room. Reollo instantly recognises the man as Brosphor his closest friend

Making some cursory checks of Brosphor and determining that he is unable to be roused at the moment but seems to be simply in a deep, deep slumber; Norhtal is assigned to keep an eye on Brosphor whilst Lucky, Reollo, Sirath and Tiberius search the rest of the manor.

Searching the two upstairs sleeping chambers Sirath finds in a false bottom of a wash stand containing a pouch of Crowns and Marks along with a number of small semi precious stones. They then head down the stairs to search the ground floor.

Finding nothing of interest in the large central sitting room, the next room they try turns out to be what used to be an observatory/library. The walls are lined with shelves of old mildew ridden books. Part of the roof and back wall is made of glass of an un-surpassing quality. Whilst dirty now the large brass telescope, toppled on its tripod, clearly indicates why the expense would have been made to build such a room. The view shows the vastness of Narl’s Deep stretching away from the manor huddled on its shore. Tiberius ever interested in books and research, more so as this was his family library starts a systematic search of the shelves. The others not being interested take the other door out of the room coming into the entry way where the bodies of the two ogres and the Annis lay. They then cross the entry way through an open arch into what must have been the dining chamber. Nothing of worth or merit to be found however.

Tiberius in his search discovers wedged behind a ramshackle bookshelf a folded piece of parchment. He spends a little time reading over the information committing it to memory and then burns the scrap of parchment. By the time Tiberius has caught up with Reollo, Sirath and Lucky they have just finished searching the kitchen without success. as one they turn to the stairs that lead down to underneath the manor. Heading down the stairs sounds of water lapping meet their ears. Before then is a short hallway that at one end opens up to an underground jetty. The wood of the jetty is questionable in places, but tied to it is a boat big enough to suit the party’s needs of getting them across Narl’s Deep to Narl’s Tower at its centre.

Along the walls of the hallway are two doors. Checking behind these doors they find a store/cool room and what must have been at one time a servants quarter. As they turn to go back up the stairs Tiberius’ keen eyes catch something not quite right with the rock wall down behind the stairway. Sirath then spends a few moments assessing the situation and confirms that there is what appears to be a secret door. Then looking further Sirath finds a niche in the stone that seems to hold a switch to open the door, high up on the wall. Without adue Sirath reaches up and triggers to switch. As he does he feels something jab into his finger and a spreading warmth starts to make its way up his arm. There is a moment when he starts to feel ill, then his monstrous metabolism kicks in and the moment is past. The door audibly clicks and grates inwards slightly. The door, on testing it, swings inwards easily and simply into an impenetrable darkness. Striking a light they enter to find largish room containing nothing more than a large chest against one wall. Reollo and Sirath show little interest in the chest, but Reollo counsels caution, which Lucky and Tiberius plainly ignore such is their curiosity.

Almost vying for the opportunity to be the first to open the chest to see what is in it Lucky and Tiberius reach the chest. Lucky tests the lid and finds it locked. He then sets about trying to unlock the chest with an implement ill suited to the job. Surprisingly, or maybe unsurprisingly, Lucky unlocks it with a clunk and a grating of metal that signals that the lock will never be of use again. Opening the chest a white powder billows out and engulfs both Lucky and Tiberius. Attempting to not inhale any of the cloud the two of them step backwards, exhaling through their noses and count themselves fortunate that there appears to be no ill effects.

Returning to the chest they peer down at a chest full of mixed Crowns and Marks. Searching through the contents they are able to find a large ruby, which Lucky pockets, some papers (which turn out to be the household accounts and title deed for the manor) and a leather dual canister bag which Tiberius takes. Inside the canister bag are two fine quality crystal canisters. One holding a greenish light liquid, the second a brownish thick liquid. Tiberius takes these and surmises that testing the properties inside would be impossible without destroying the contents usefulness. He also deduces that the two canisters are meant to be mixed together, likely by throwing the bag.

They then head back up stairs to the sleeping chambers and Norhtal meets them on the landing. “He’s awake,” is all that he says and steps aside allowing Reollo to enter the room where Brosphor was unconscious.

Brosphor looks groggy, sitting on the side of the narrow bed shaking his head. He is thinner than when the party saw him last time if that were at all possible. Through bleary eyes he looks up and sees Reollo and the others. A smile creases his face like he is expecting a punch line of a joke. “Reollo friend, what have you got me into now?”
Reollo slows to standing still, “What do you mean?” as Brospher hacks a couple of times and tries the stand, then thinks better of it and looks at Reollo “Where am I, where are we?”
Reollo unsuccessfully masks an exclamation of surprise and the says “Brosphor, brother, we found you here.” Brosphor’s face quickly loses any sign of hilarity “And here is where?”
Reollo moves in closer “We are in an abandoned manor on the shores of Narl’s Deep.” Brosphor attempts to stand again, succeeding this time and is unsteady on his feet. “What date is it Reollo” suddenly looking stricken.
Lucky moving in closer says, “17th day of 3rd Nimos.”
Brosphor starts to show signs of agitation, shaking his head “That can not be. Last night I was in Fallsea.”
“Are you sure?” Both Reollo and Lucky say at the same time.
“Yes indeed. I remember because I woke from a three day slumber. I have sick a lot lately, I do not know why, but I have been sleeping for days on end. Beldrin says that it will pass in time.”
“So you say that you have made three day journey over night. How is that, brother?” Reollo’s concern is clear in his voice.
“I-I can not say.” agitation playing across his face.
“Are you certain?”
“Yes by the nine planes, I am certain. It is a mystery to me how…” His voice cracking on the last word.
“What have you been doing lately to bring on this sickness?”
“I have been running ‘errands’ for Beldrin. Errands he calls them. I last went to Crestwell. You saw me returning when we met last in Tabott’s Corner.”
“What are these errands he has you running?” Lucky gently pushes.
“Yes errands indeed. I was sent to find a black cube from the crypts from below Crestwell. I barely came away with my life, foul undead.”

The party shifts uneasily at the mention of the black cube. Brosphor notices this saying, “What is it, did I say something?”
Reollo leans in and then explains where the party have been over the deepest Nimos, having met Robeor and the quest that he has sent them on before he was taken. As Reollo explains the colour in Brosphor’s face slowly drains and he mouth becomes a hard lipless thin line, his agitation now coming to the fore.

“So brother” spitting out the words in emphasis, “what you are saying is that you are now working for an aberrant and against the civil order. Surely not even you can think this is good idea to entertain with such as these?” As his levels of agitation start to rise it becomes obvious that not all is well with Brosphor. He starts mumbling to himself, tilting his head to the side as if listening to something. “What no, not now.” he says in a voice most unlike his own. Lucky unsettled by this display challenges Brosphor, “What was that?”
“What was what?” Brosphor says with all sincerity. Tilting his head again and vehemently shaking his head “NO, no. I need to go.” Casting around for his shield and sword, spying them resting beside the bed. “Beldrin will wonder where I am.” Taking up his sword and shield.

The party exchange looks with one another and it is clear to them that something is desperately wrong with Reollo’s friend. Tiberius recognises that the way that Brosphor is acting is similar to ancestral voices he hears, but more and darker. Reollo moves to put a restraining hand on Brosphor’s shoulder “Beldrin can wait. We fear that he may not be all that he seems and you clearly need to rest.” Lucky steps forward “One days rest will be nothing.”
“Beldrin is the Magi Prime. He is the protector of New Ilthium dare not say such a thing again, it would not bode well for you.” Brosphor clenches and unclenches his fists “But one days rest you say?” Brosphor pauses “And then seeing as we have the same goal and the next cube is at Narl’s Tower as you have said, then we can go and get it together.” turning to Reollo “like before serving together and a way to redeem yourselves.”

Lucky expresses everyone’s concern when he says “We are not sure that this is good idea. Do you not think it is strange that you came three days journey to be here over night? That concerns me.” The others agree. Brosphor’s momentary cheerfulness vanishes.
“What now? Back to this? I already told you that I do not know how I came here. It matters not. Let us just get to the work at hand.”
“I think it matters a great deal. Down stairs are two ogres and a corporeal demon that we have just slain and here you are. I do not think it is best that you come with us without being able to explain what has happened.”
“Explain, EXPLAIN! You question me about my movements, what I am doing and here you are confessing to me that you are in cahoots with an abhorrent and breaking the civil order!” A sweat breaks out on his forehead as his voices rises. “You all are the ones that require being questioned. I have had enough and now I quit myself of your company.” And having said that he shoves his way past the party and makes his way to the stairs down. Reollo moves to catch him “Borsphor, you are not well, you must rest.”
“I will not! I…” At this he collapses into unconsciousness, sliding down the stairs his limbs askew but otherwise unharmed.

The party is left confounded with the turn of events uncertain as to what has just happened. There is no way of knowing how long Borsphor will be in this state so they move him to the bed as they had originally found him. They then set about discussing what they are going to do next.

They decide that they can not wait for Brosphor to regain consciousness and they can not delay their quest either. It is agreed that they can not leave Brosphor in the manor undefended. They at this point work out how to use The Bowl and the White Stone, coming to the conclusion that the bowl is for scrying and the stone allows a direct connection feeding back visual information to the one viewing the bowl. It is however decided against leaving the stone with Norhtal as it would be pointless to be able to see what was going on but then being not able to communicate with Norhtal. It is also decided to leave Norhtal to care for Brosphor, which Norhtal has great mis-givings about. So after that without delay Lucky, Reollo, Sirath and Tiberius make their way down to dock below the manor to the boat. Through trial and error they get under way and winging it on Tiberius’ intellect alone over the next number of hours with a strong wind behind them make their way to Narl’s Tower. Making land at a worn and rickety jetty Sirath attempts to disembark in order to tie off the boat and finds himself in the water. He then wades a shore and secures the boat allowing everyone else to make the jetty. Then all of them taking stock of their current situation they notice two things. One the tower before them and the storm clouds closing up behind them.

The tower, Narl’s Tower, looms up before them. It appears to be in good condition. It is seven floors high topped with solid parapets and a wooden dome. About 10 yards from the tower a grey-black shimmering veil enshrouds the area. Lucky and Tiberius are able to walk through it into a prickly, dim “other” feeling place that is the surrounds of the tower. Sirath and Reollo find they have resistance to the barrier. After pushing through into where Lucky and Tiberius are they experience searing pain and their life force is dragged out of them. Seriously hurt they debate whether it is worthwhile to continue or retreat to reassess the situation. Whilst debating Reollo and Sirath experience the searing pain again and barely manage to retain consciousness. Reollo and Sirath are then helped out of the gray area by Lucky and Tiberius and they lay panting on the sparse grass on the rocky out crop of the Tower’s small isle, quite despondent by this turn of events.

Lucky decides to consult with Adaru. She explains that the seal of being a Chosen protected Lucky. That it appears that Sirath and Reollo have not been sealed. They have been chosen, but not sealed, for whatever reason. If they had not been chosen then they probably would have died instantly. The dimness that surrounds the Tower is a dimensional instability, a pocket plane of the same darkness that fills the nine planes. Whatever Narl did it was highly dangerous. Lucky trying to find some way out of a difficult situation asks for the ability to heal his friends and Adaru acquiesces. Lucky decides that it is not worthwhile to drain himself and further weaken the party and so decides against healing either Reollo or Sirath. Then weighing up the options he has Lucky is adamant that he Tiberius can alone go into the tower and retrieve the piece of The Heart of Darkness. The party attempt to use the bowl and stone to stay in contact but they find the artefacts do not work once Lucky and Tiberius go through the barrier. They then attempt to do so with Reollo’s salamander with the same result.

Once these avenues are exhausted, on the premise of just scouting out the tower Lucky and Tiberius enter the tower, moving through the entry way through a set of double doors going straight ahead they encounter two what look like to be bluish/green thin ogres with spears and a battle ensues.

Tiberius darts in under the guard of the creature closest to him and paralyses one of its legs. It falls to the floor. Lucky attacks the one closest to him and jams Zephyr through its eye socket, it falls over from the blow but tries to regain its feet. Tiberius casts the paralysis spell again on the same creature but on one of its arms as it tries to stand up. It falls face down screaming in rage as its limbs abandon it one by one. Lucky jams his knife again into his beast’s neck leaving a gouting wound. Tiberius and Lucky finish off the other one together.

Session 21
I'm Tiberius are you the Apprentice & that is one ugly woman

Having finally secured passage from the island Oranus to Talgyn’s End on the main land New Ilthium, after a deadly battle with a dweller of the nine planes, where in Robeor was dragged to one of the frozen planes of hell. That night finding themselves left standing on the docks in Talgyn’s End as Andriel and wards disappear in varying directions into the growing dark, with promise from Andriel and Alandra to meet in the morning at the Pike and Whale tavern.

15th day of 3rd Nimos Second Epoch 2151
The heroes stumble their way across the holding towards the general direction of the Pike and Whale after attaining directions from a home guardsman on duty. They find it in short measure and settle down for a meal and a drink. Norhtal works his way past his fears about being somewhere there are a lot more people than he is used, relaxing as much as he is capable when he knows that there are about 1500 people all around him. Sirath makes up for over a month of not having any decent brew and starts off the first of sixteen ales before he decides to turn in for the night. The others are more moderate in their approach after negotiating the lodgings with the landlord.

16th day of 3rd Nimos Second Epoch 2151
As Tiberius requires less sleep then most since possessing the tainted mage stone he decided to leave the others asleep and go to market. Wandering northwards following the signs to the old market section, the holding is just starting to stir awake for the day. As he approaches the old market square he notices that the square is mostly deserted, except for a few shop keepers and a cloaked man with a silver aura signifying that he is a user of magic. The man has not seen Tiberius as he has his back to him. Tiberius hesitates for a moment then decides that as he is the most intelligent man alive then this must be the apprentice of the holding and feeling relatively safe, as they have not previously been able to tell that he is what is considered to be an aberrant mage, approaches the man and says, “Hello, are you the magi or the apprentice.” An incredulous look crosses the young, pale man’s face as he turns and sees Tiberius, his dark hair framing his face as his pale eyes open wide at what he sees. He says “Who are you? I do not know you. You are an aberrant!” Tiberius pauses for a second, trying to figure out how it all went so wrong so quickly and takes a step backwards. The man mutters a phrase, lunges, striking Tiberius’ left leg. All feeling ceases in that leg and Tiberius falls over unable to stand up right. The man is now yelling at the top of his lungs “Guards, guards” with the sound of footsteps approaching. Tiberius decides to beat as hasty a retreat as possible dragging himself away and casts darkness with his amulet. The cloaked man standing still murmurs a string of words and the darkness clears. Tiberius still dragging himself towards the stalls can see men in home guard uniforms approaching and casts darkness again. The young man murmurs some words again and the darkness clears again. Tiberius still dragging himself away casts darkness again and slumps against the door of the shop he was aiming for. However he finds that he cannot reach the door handle to open it in his current state. Suddenly he feels the door open inwards a pair of arms grapple with him and drag him inside and the door closes just as the darkness is cleared away once again. Without any ceremony Tiberius is dumped down a trap door into a small bolt hole. The trap door is closed and the sound of heavy things being placed on top it can be heard.

After a few moments waiting for his eyes to adjust to the much dimmer level of light in the bolt hole and gathering himself Tiberius can hear noises coming from above. There is a muffled banging on the shop door, a command to open up. The sound of a discussion and then heavy boot falls on the floor above, some loud bangs and bumps and the heavy boot sounds retreating away. Tiberius then attempts to open the trap door but fails. Becoming somewhat concerned that he is trapped and not entirely certain that whoever bundled him into the bolt hole has good intentions he contacts Bright Eye Sharp Tooth who is back at the Pike and Whale, telling him that he is being held captive somewhere in the old market, to get the others and come and get him.

Bright Eye succeeds in waking up the others. They gather themselves together and in no particular hurry after the find out what is going on start to leave. Reollo in passing the kitchen refuses to leave without grabbing at least something to eat. Bolting down some oat meal, they then dash out the door following Bright Eye’s directions. As they approach the old market they notice a considerable commotion occurring. There are a number of home guards conducting what appears to be a door to door search and there are more guards arriving by the second. Standing in the middle of all the commotion is the young man giving directions. Bright Eye earnestly tells Reollo, Sirath, Lucky and Norhtal that Tiberius is somewhere in amongst what is going on. They stand watching and trying to determine what is going on and how to approach it. From behind them an older rotund mage comes walking quickly, puffed by his effort. Trying to look inconspicuous the heroes stand there trying not to attract attention to themselves. The older mage walks past them and straight up to the younger mage. They lean in close to each other and appear to have an argument. The older mage then turns back the way he came and walks off past the heroes.

Meanwhile Tiberius attempts a number of times to open the trap door again, without success, becoming increasingly concerned about the intentions of the person that bundled him down into the bolt hole. Deciding to catalyze the situation in order to get himself out he tells Bright Eyes to follow their link and find him. Bright Eye ever obedient runs down off Reollo’s shoulder and heads into the old market square, attracting the attention of the young mage. Reollo cursing Bright Eyes under his breath and Tiberius by extension follows Bright Eyes with the others in tow. Reollo bends down and scoops up Bright Eyes and introduces himself to the young mage pouring on the charm. The mage takes an immediate liking to Reollo and enthusiastically introduces himself as Tellnor Phaisriurin, journeyman magi and nephew to Magi Prime Beldrin Phaisrisurin. Reollo introduces himself as plain old Reollo. Reollo then asks Tellnor to tell what the commotion is all about. Tellnor explains to him that an aberrant mage was in the square a little while ago and that he himself had to deal with him, but before the guards came he was able to vanish. The search for him was now spreading outwards from the square. Reollo asked if there was any way that he and friends could help? Tellnor stated that despite what Master Alkath had said he was continuing the search as Uncle Beldrin’s standing orders were clear on the capture of aberrant mages. Tellnor asked Reollo if he could stay at the square and keep an eye on things there whilst he went and co-ordinate the search at the front? Reollo happily agreed to help out that way.

Almost as soon as Tellnor’s back was turned Tiberius called Bright Eye over to the shop where he was. Reollo, Lucky, Sirath following with Norhtal keeping an eye out. Reollo knocked on the appropriate door and a young voice on the other side asks what business they have. Reollo says that they are looking for a friend. The voice says that there is no-one else here other than him. Reollo convinces the young man to open the door and Tiberius starts banging on the trap door as loud as he can. The young man protests the intrusion as Sirath goes in a moves the barrels and crates and opens the trap door. Tiberius comes out of the bolt hole in a flurry threatening to kill the young man, saying that he had the whole situation completely in hand. The young man is utterly shocked and then in turn highly irate. He raises his voice and tells Tiberius in no uncertain terms that the gathering and its sympathizers risk their lives to save the lives of idiot mages who place themselves in danger for no other reason than they seem to think that they can do whatever they want. Reollo concerned that Tiberius will do something that they will all regret steps in between Tiberius and the young man as Norhtal alerts of someone approaching and a man walks up to the shop. He assesses the situation with and intense look and asks what is going on why the heroes are in his shop? Reollo tries to explain in some deflecting way but the young man says quickly “Father I tried to help out a mage, but now he claims I have wronged him.” The older man shakes his head. Looks at Reollo and says “If any of you wants to get out of the holding in one piece follow me now.” Surprisingly they follow and without question.

The older man leads them a short distance to an old meeting place, seems to have been a temple of sorts at one time or another. Disused now and close to the wall, the older man tells them to stay there as someone will be by with their things and to send them on their way. Holing themselves up in an antechamber at the back of the building they wait in silence for about 20 minutes until they hear two sets of footsteps. Alerted but not alarmed they arm themselves and position themselves to be able to deal with any threat as best as possible. The first person they see step through the doorway is the older mage they now know as Alkath, closely followed by Andriel.

After a moment to catch their breath a number of questions are asked which all add up to the same thing. “What is going on?” Andriel looks less than impressed and explains that the gathering has some support in high places. Alkath agrees that this is the case as he is an example and goes onto say that not everyone believes that the regulation of magic the way Beldrin is doing is wise. Alkath then turns to Tiberius and almost wondering aloud says “How can a man who is such a genius be such an idiot?” Tiberius attempts to defend himself but he is waved off by Alkath, turning to Andriel and says “So without Robeor to help guide him what are we going to do? He is so impetuous.” Exhaling deeply he shakes his head looks up and asks what the heroes plans are. They explain that they felt it was best course of action to first go to Narl’s Tower. Alkath looks quizzically at Andriel. Andriel then explains that Robeor felt that as Alandra had visions of them, then whatever interest the ascendants had in them was likely to help them to enter the tower where the magi had failed previously. Alkath nodding slowly tells them about Ulanor Manor, telling Tiberius that it was his family home where he was born, built by Haskin Ulanor. He points out where it is on the shore line of Narl’s Deep and that there is likely to be a boat left there. Tiberius suddenly brimful of questions asks Alkath about it. Alkath says that there is much to say but now is not the time, that indeed there may be somethings left over still there that the gathering had not previously found, not that anyone was really looking as it is used as a way house at times.

Setting out almost immediately the heroes travel for the best part of the day arriving at the hills overlooking the manor late in the afternoon at about the eleventh hour, being cautious after seeing smoke coming from the chimney. They all agree the best plan is to send Norhtal and Bright Eyes down to scout out the building. Norhtal caries Bright Eyes down to one of the front entries that has a broken window next to it. Norhtal places Bright Eyes down and then moves off around to the side of the building and disappears to sight, whilst Bright Eyes climbs inside. Through Bright Eyes Tiberius sees what he sees and relays to the other what is seen. Bright Eyes finds himself in an entry area with doors right and left and an open doorway straight ahead. Bright Eyes sneaks to the doorway and peers through. The room is a large sitting room. At the large copper shielded fireplace stands a very tall gray skinned haggard looking woman, which Tiberius identifies as an Annis, which is a being of darkness from the nine planes. In two barely holding together arm chairs are two ogres also. Bright Eyes withdraws quickly and heads back out up the hill and the others wait for the return on Norhtal. He returns a short while later and explains that around at the water front is what appears to be a dock underneath the manor and as far as he could see without getting wet there was a boat.

The heroes withdraw some distance into the hills, set up camp in a sheltered spot and plan their attack on the manor in the morning, which basically consists of a knock and surprise attack combination.

17th day of 3rd Nimos Second Epoch 2151
In the morning they gather together their packs, Reollo suffering from a lack of solid sleep due to nightmares that plague him. The heroes then gather up on the hillside overlooking the manor going over the plan once more. Lucky and Tiberius station themselves in line of sight of the main door so they can attack from a distance. Reollo, Sirath and Norhtal carrying Bright Eyes head down to the manor. Bright Eyes is fed through the broken window as Norhtal gets a boost onto the roof to attempt entry through the second floor. Reollo and Sirath flatten themselves against the wall either side of the doorway. Bright Eyes then goes to the doorway of the sitting room and peers through and sees the Annis standing in the room alone and no sign of the ogres. The Annis turns and sees Bright Eyes and he scarpers out through the broken window, telling Reollo on the way out that the Annis has seen him.

Reollo then steels himself and knocks on the door. The sound of footsteps and then a woman’s voice calls out “Hello, who is there?” The door opens and standing the doorway is a tall red haired woman dressed in leathers. Lucky hesitates and fails to take the shot with grey death. Tiberius calls out “We known what you are demon” as Reollo in blur of motion steps into the doorway sword draw and pulls short his attack asking “Who are you?”

At that precise point so caught off guard the woman’s outline flickers and the form changes to the very tall gray skinned haggard looking woman with huge claw like pincers on the end of both arms. The change galvanizes Lucky and despite Reollo being in the way he takes the shot. The arrow leaves Grey Death howling like a banshee, pushed along by sheer force of luck. The arrow slides past Reollo’s left ear and slams into the demon just below the clavicle, knocking it down with the force of the shaft. The Annis screams in a high pitch ululating sound. Reollo steps forward and strikes down with both Bloodletter and his axe, Sirath following in close behind and takes a shot at the Annis despite the fact that an enraged ogre is storming the room. The Annis falls into unconsciousness. Tiberius takes the opportunity to summon to mind a spell and the ogre falls flat on its face and the other ogre rushes in treading on top of its prostrated companion. The upright ogre swings a wide arc with its club missing. Reollo swings upwards gutting it, its bowels spilling down onto the one on the floor. Sirath swings down hard ending its life before it could even attempt to stand up.

Session 20
Its going to drag us to hell!

Experience tells the heroes that during the deepest of Nimos on the main island of New Ilthium there would have been snows, deep snows restricting all travel but the most urgent, even at that it would have been ill advised and foolhardy. Holdings close up for Nimos having spent the end of Naylos gathering in the crops and battening down. The unseasonal snow that came after G’zakthanx left heading east would likely have harmed the prospects of only the smallest holdings. Such is the way of things.

In comparison the time spent on Oranus by the heroes has been relatively mild. There have been frosts and one or two mornings with a light dusting of snow, but that is the most of it. By 8th day of 3rd Nimos it is still cold but true enough the worst is over without much, it seems, to go. By everyone’s estimation on Oranus, New Ilthium is likely to have thawed enough to be approachable and Robeor has gathered the party together to make plans for this eventuality for the past 7 day. Robeor says that he can now send the skeet that he holds for such moments and the boat to carry the heroes to New Ilthium will arrive by about 15th day of 3rd Nimos.

15th day of 3rd Nimos Second Epoch 2151.

The day has finally arrived for heroes to rejoin the rest of the Ilth people. Having accomplished what they originally set out to do, to find Allandra. However a quest has now been laid upon them by Robeor, to find the pieces of The Heart of Darkness. One is in danger of being taken by Beldrin from the Tower of the Magi in Fallsea. One is in Narl’s tower in the middle of Narl’s Deep. One is in a Brae burial mound at the farthest point of New Ilthium.

The heroes rising early and packing belongings readying themselves to go, breaking fast as they have done many times together. Discussing together what they will do next, where they will go, with Robeor an integral part in the planning. He is as excited about the prospects involved, the lure of the hunt, but he has made it clear that he will be staying on Oranus. For the good of New Ilthium, for the good of Andriel, Allandra and the freed slaves.

A commotion outside draws their attention, three of the younger more independent children coming from the main gate. They look frightened, speaking in a whir of noises, exclaiming that they have seen something large outside the wall, near the gate.

The heroes grab their weapons and head to the gate. As they approach the gate the temperature drops noticeably and quickly. Frost starts to form and their breath starts to fog. Ice crystals start to form on the walls of the buildings closest to the gate, their zig zag pattern writhing upwards. Snow starts to fall.

About 20 yards from the gate itself is a large figure, partially concealed by the surrounding vegetation. Then impressed upon their minds a forceful singular thought Come to me, bright warmth, come embrace me. Struggling to resist the thought they all shake themselves free. Lucky notches an arrow into Grey Death and lets lose the arrow streaking out and striking true, the beast bellowing, whilst Norhtal, Reollo and Sirath move up taking defendable positions around the gate way. The beast charges forward, breaking cover. Now clearly seen it is a huge 9’ tall, covered in long grey, brown hair. Claws on the end of its large powerful arms, its legs ending in hoofs. From its face sprouting a tangle of tentacles.

Then from behind everyone Robeor charges through. He yells as he goes, “Flee it is a Drelnoch. It will drag you to the nine plans of desolation.” He swings his staff in an over head arc and from its head flashes an intensely bright light as he strikes the beast. The Drelnoch clearly hurt by it, screams in anguish. Tiberius emboldened by his mentor’s presence fires his cross bow at the Drelnoch but fails to make contact. Reollo steps and swings, scything into it with his weapons. Sirath lashes out connecting, leaving a wound cross the great hairy chest. Norhtal with his short swords steps around to the Drelnoch’s side and attacks but misses terribly and over balances.

The Drelnoch enraged by the hurt it has received rears up, spreads out its face full of tentacles and roars out an intense wave of terror inducing cold. Robeor, Norhtal, Sirath and Lucky, gripped in the sheer alieness of the beast and its rage, become stunned.

Reollo suddenly finds himself the only one who is able to attack, chooses to strike out in a flurry hitting twice out of his three attempts, seriously hurting the beast further. Tiberius moves forward to grab Robeor’s dropped staff. The beast declines its head towards Robeor and a shimmer of pale, incandescent light streams away from Robeor’s face to its beak. Sirath, Lucky and Norhtal can not shake being stunned, still numbly standing there being able to do very little.

Seizing the staff Tiberius triumphantly holds it aloft expecting it to hold some further power, but finding it empty. Lucky’s uncanny ability to make things go his way kicks in and he finds himself shaken out of being stunned. He then reaches into his belt and pulls out the Silver Gambit. The overriding though in his mind is “ITS GOING TO DRAG US TO HELL.”

What follows can only be described as utter chaos. For a 20 yard radius around Lucky the buildings start to crumble, the forest dies off, the colour goes out of the day and everyone close to the Drelnoch is subject to being stunned again as it straightens up bellowing, its wounds healing. The beast then swings it’s head around striking Norhtal, Sirath, Robeor and Reollo with its tentacles. The impact seriously hurts Norhtal and Sirath. Norhtal gets flung off his feet with the force of the blow. A tentacle grabs a hold of Robeor and Reollo is struck so hard he is knocked down and barely clings to consciousness.

Sirath loses touch with his rational mind seeing Reollo hurt so badly and snaps out of being stunned immediately. Lashing out with an animal, fierce determination Sirath’s haste causes the blow to bounce off the beast’s hide and he drops Earth Cleaver. As Sirath bends to retrieve his sword Tiberius activates his pendants darkness ability. As a consequence he is the only one that sees the beast vanish with Robeor. He then turns off the darkness as Sirath regains control of himself and everyone else starts to shake themselves out of their daze. In addition Reollo is able to sit up, but is in a bad way. A moment later Norhtal grunts and sits up, looks somewhat winded but with each passing moment his obvious wounds slowly vanish.

Reollo staggers to his feet barely able move over to Lucky and confronts him. Reollo yells at him “WHAT DID YOU DO?” Lucky truthfully replies that he is uncertain as to what actually happened. Reollo admits that he’s not sure if Lucky was involved, but makes it clear he is keeping an eye on things.

Andriel runs up slightly dazed herself and says “Where, where… is Robeor?” The others explain to her that he is gone, the beast, a Drelnoch has taken him. Andriel crumples to the ground in apparent shock. Norhtal is then able to corner Reollo and attend to his rudimentary first aid needs, tiding him over until a more in depth treatment can be a provided.

A plan is quickly formulated. Andriel insists that they can not stay at the settlement any longer. The Drelnoch will return. It is no longer safe. The group then agree to leave immediately, heading to the stone circle to the east. Here Andriel will be able to tend to the wounded. After trekking to the stone circle, with Reollo needing to be carried on The Silver Horse. Sirath then offers to ride to the coast and meet the boat that has been sent to meet them. Andriel states that she now intends to take all the freed slaves with them back to New Ilthium. There is some discussion about the impracticality of this idea, but Andriel wins out in the end appealing to the decency in the heroes.

In all the boat made two round trips to transport them all to Talgyn’s End and it is just past dusk when all are ashore. Andriel meets a contact as arranged and turns to the heroes explaining that she now plans to take the freed slaves and Alandra to Elves’ Landing as soon as possible.

The heroes at last back on New Ilthium are left standing on the docks in Talgyn’s End as Andriel and her wards disappear in varying directions into the growing dark, with a promise from Andriel and Allandra to meet in the morning at the Pike and Whale tavern.

Down Time at the Settlement
The choosen are few...

30th day of 1st Nimos Second Epoch 2150

During the time spent training Robeor looks over the items that Lucky picked up. He shows surprise in the dice. A keen interest. Asking permission if he may hold them. As he touches them a flicker of recognition passes over his face and look of plain concern follows. He turns to Lucky and says “You know what these are? Of course you don’t. They are named The Silver Gambit, they are ancient and powerful. They in a way embody the creational forces of the battle but in unpredictable ways. How they were made I have no idea, but the Ulutian Empire certainly knew. Summoning the power of these… oh they are active as well.” He promptly hands them back as if bitten. He goes on to explain that the Silver Gambit are used by the will of the wielder. That is if the wielder’s will is strong enough it is able to shape more over a more positive result.

Lucky indicates to Robeor that he does not understand what he means. Robeor says that the primal force in the Silver Gambit taps into the wielder urgent or present need and desire. If the wielder’s will is strong enough then it may bring about an unexpected bounty of good returns. If the wielder’s will is not strong enough then something highly undesirable maybe even catastrophic may occur. Robeor agrees that luck has some ability to control the power involved also he continues “Other than that, you would be nothing short of insane to rely on them in any good measure.” Robeor concludes.

Robeor also mentions that the surcoat that Lucky picked up has the markings of Findalus a mage that specialised in magical clothing. Looking it over and feeling the thread Robeor states that he is certain that this is a coat of weapon turning. He mentions there may be more to the coat than on an initial inspection as there may be a shadow of something else there. He will look into it further.

15th day of 2nd Nimos Second Epoch 2150
Norhtal finds himself standing in the forest somewhere near the settlement, concentrating for a moment clearing his head, he looks up at the sky through the branches above and realizes he is some two hours east of where he went to sleep. Shaking his head he tries to puzzle out how he got to where he was and then he remembers the dream. The next thing he realises just how cold he is, the steam from his breath billowing out.

Out of the woods ahead, he thinks, Norhtal hears singing a otherworldly, ethereal singing. Such beauty could not possibly be human. Checking himself over he realizes that he has no weapons and mostly no clothes on and without he yellow hat. Not conscious of himself, but feeling somewhat defenseless, he starts to chew his finger nails.

The singing continues, swelling and rising on the winds. This time it is hard to not notice, hard to resist. Norhtal grits his teeth, shakes off the feeling and steps forward crouching slightly, shifting into walking as silently as possible.

Another twenty yards he pauses as he comes to the edge of a small clearing made by a recent tree fall and crouches down in the deep shadow. There on the other side, barely more than twelve strides away sitting on the upper parts of the fallen great tree, a shimmering beauty with a voice to match. The song full of sadness. Clearly sung for the tree, the giant it is that has fallen. Norhtal waits for a long time until the song is ended, stopping as it does leaves him a little shocked and he gasps a little. The noise enough to turn the head of the woman and she rises, perceiving Norhtal.

She is not alarmed beyond initial shock and go to leave. Norhtal stands and stutters out “W-w-w-wait.” She stops, turning and smiles slightly, the moon light glistening off her dusky skin. “Yes.” she replies, the sound of the sighing wind through trees, of dew drops falling. A feeling of deep earth and sun light warmed wood creeps over Norhtal at the sound. “D-d-d-don’t s-stop, itwasbeautiful” says Norhtal with the last words coming out in a rush. The woman raises an eyebrow, above the darkest brown eyes, shakes her head little and says “No that song is sung, the great life giver, the song was his and his and he is gone.” as she motions to the tree. “Oh” mumbles Norhtal disappointed, his shoulders slumping slightly.

She turns to go again. “I-I-I think Ryrmarchim sent me to you.” Norhtal blurts out. She stops, turning only partially towards Norhtal. “You may think that, I do not. Go back to your mortal life and leave me be.” she states flatly, stepping into the edge of the trees. “Please help me, I have been sent,” his desperation momentarily wiping out his stutter. Nothing but silence.

19th day of 2nd Nimos Second Epoch 2151
For the last four day Norhtal has camped out in the tree fall clearing after returning to the settlement to better equip himself. he has been waiting for the woman to return. Sadly he has not seen her nor heard her. As dusk starts to fall Norhtal again hears the singing, but this time it is a different songs, a much more compelling one, one that this time he cannot resist. Drawn by the sound into the forest, entranced by the sound, stumbling on feet that no longer seem to be his own. Through thickets, briars and brambles. Scratched and bloodied Norhtal stumbles into a larger clearing, in its centre a tall branching birch, standing before it the woman her slivery green hair swaying gently in the breeze. Standing beside her two very large silver backed wolves. Norhtal stumbles and falls to his knees before her, she opens her mouth and her voice is sharp “Why do you persist in this? You will cause yourself harm if you stay, I will not be responsible for it. Tell me the truth.” Compelled by a force stronger than he has known before Norhtal rasps out the answer, “Ryrmarchim has chosen you to pass on her blessing.”

A sense of unease and uncertainty washes over the clearing, the wolves whimper a little.

“Show me,” she says and he hands grasp Norhtal’s head, tendrils sprout from her finger tips and burrow into his skull. Norhtal’s eyes roll back into his head as his body goes into a seizure, shaking but held firm as the woman closes her eyes. Norhtal inside his mind not only sees his dreams replayed over and over again, but the length of his time with Lucky, Sirath, Reollo and Tiberius also. For an age it seems, certain parts that seemed trivial are looped over and over again. He then collapses as she lets go, their breath is labored as if from exertion . “Your mind holds many mysteries to me, much I do not understand. Mortal life make no sense. But one thing I can see clear is that the Lady wishes you to be blessed, you are chosen.

With that she turns to the great birch and reaches inside it, withdrawing an ampoule. There are some muttered words, a shining light from inside its crystalline shape. The woman then cracks the ampoule open over Northal’s mouth and commands him to drink as she intones some deep, deep words that can be barely registered and audible to the human ear. Norhtal convulses once and is then still.

20th day of 2nd Nimos Second Epoch 2151
At dawn Norhtal awakes. The woman and the wolves are nowhere to be seen. A whisper sound as the breeze blows through the leaves of the birch, “It is done, leave, do not return.”

23rd day of 2nd Nimos Second Epoch 2151
As the weather starts to change and deepest Nimos is waning Lucky receives another dream.

Lucky finds Andriel in the main hall with some of the younger children, as he approaches she lifts her head to look at him and smiles. As he explains to her what he has seen in his dreams and what Adaru has said a small frown creases her brow. She stands and wipes her hands on her skirts. “I can help,” she says “if that’s what Adaru and yourself want. The Ascendants and the elves have a strange relationship. The Ascendants only came out of the mortal people of V’harn. We have no claim on any of them and seeing as many of us are actually older than them, few of us are stronger than them in someways, we see each other as more or less equal in the grand scheme of things. Yes I will help, Adaru means much to us as she is from us through her mother.” She then tells Lucky to stay there and she leaves the main hall. Returning a short while later with a back pack. “Any questions before we go?” she says. Lucky asks whether he needs to bring anything. She says “No, we will only be gone for part of the day. Maybe your weapons just to be sure. We cannot be certain all the Hobs have gone and there are other things about that could be dangerous if startled. I am sure we will be okay though.”

With that she sets a demanding pace, east away from the settlement. Clearly her wood craft is much better than Lucky’s and she moves with ease and grace through the forest and underbrush. After about 2 hours of hiking Lucky starts to feel a stirring that he has not felt for the whole of the deepest Nimos. His Ilth blood is awakening. Andriel stops and says to him “We are close to a place of power, you may feel it. It is just through those trees pointing east. You go first.” Lucky nods and moves forward.

As he moves through the trees he realises that they thin out just ahead, off to either side of him are what appear to be standing stones, the sound of running water also meets your ears. Andriel steps up behind him and in a low voice says “This is place of in-betweens, the edge of the forest, the flowing of water through land, surrounded by a standing circle."

Luck feels the hairs on his arms stand on end, just like before a tremendous lightning storm. Small insects are flying around the circle, as he looks closer he realises that they are tiny winged humanlike creatures, glowing with an inner light. Andriel steps past and starts to unpack her back pack. Over the next 30 minutes she paces out the circle with a number of branches she has collected sprinkling the stones from a variety of concoctions, chanting under her breath.

At the 6th hour she stops and comes over to Lucky and asks “Are you ready, any questions?” Luck indicates he has no questions.

Andriel has Lucky stand on a rock in the middle of the stream and then paces clockwise around him chanting, splashing him with the branches ladened with water from the stream. As she does this it is as if a veil is taken from Lucky’s eyes and before him stands Adaru. Lucky can still see Andriel vaguely in the background however.

Adaru says "My sphere of influence is much harder to reach through; it is luck after all, which is capricious. Not like war or battle where blood shedding is enough to bring about a blessing. Lucky will you serve my interest in V’harn?” Lucky states that he will. With that she reaches out and touches his chest with her hand and starts to pull out long strands of silver, liquid fire. It is a curious tugging sensation for Lucky. Slowly the colour changes from silver to gold and the incessant buzzing in his veins dies down and stops. He also notices that on the palm of his right hand is now a gold, shimmering brand. The symbol for Adaru. The vision fades and Lucky finds himself return fully to the standing circle. Andriel is standing before him. “That was interesting” she says “Let’s go back to the settlement.”

Session 19
Ahhh we found you. Now I'm going home... What? There's more?

22nd day of 1st Nimos Second Epoch 2150

A whithered and skeletal figure faces off against Reollo down a corridor having appeared in a blur of motion and thrown a spear at him, which he parried, the spear then appearing back in the creature’s hand.

All of a sudden everything happens at once. Sirath, already standing at the door way in order to back Reollo up, moves into the corridor. As he does so a wave of terror floods over him, fighting it down he moves into position next to Reollo. Reollo starts to move down towards the undead creature and as he does this, in another blur of motion, it seemingly appears in front of Reollo. Lucky then runs to the door way that Sirath has just stepped out of as Norhtal, choosing not to get caught up behind Lucky, Norhtal runs at speed to another door out of the room, heading through that adjoining room. Tiberius moves towards the door way where Lucky is.

The undead creature stabs out twice with its spear with lightning fast jabs, catching Reollo across his barely healed ribs undoing all the good work the healing draught had done just a short time before. In desperation he lashes out connecting with both of his weapons and the creature barely takes notice. Sirath moves in and strikes hard out at it. One moment it seemed he was going to land the blow, the next the creature was no longer where he expected it to be; then it was inside his strike range trying to impale him. Sirath blocking with great determination and batting sideways with his shield. With such force that it knocks the spear out of the hand of its wielder, clattering to the floor. Lucky in the midst of this gains the corridor and in doing so struggles with a torrent of sheer terror, shaking it off he moves forward, with Tiberius not far behind who barely blinks at the fear feelings inspired by the creatures. Tiberius then fires a bolt at the creature which bounces of the ceiling and shatters. Norhtal has by now made his way through the adjacent room and gains the corridor further up than Lucky and Tiberius. As he does he sinks to his knees as though winded by the raging fear flying at him.

The undead creature lunges for the spear as Reollo lashes out again, this time sending chunks of armour and bone flying. Sirath follows up with his own huge swing, Earth Cleaver biting down through the scale mail it is wearing slicing down through the torso and becoming embedded just before exiting the other side. The creature immediately becomes inert and slides off Sirath’s sword. Reollo struggling to stay standing moves to the once again lifeless creature and beheads it and crushes its skull under his boot.

Shortly after Norhtal regains his feet and goes back into the room full of children, collapses in a corner in exhaustion. Tiberius goes over to the fallen spear and picks it up without hesitation. There is brief battle to control the rage to kill everyone in sight and then it calms and dissipates.

Andriel settles the children and as Reollo is debating whether to access the last healing draught. Andreil then approaches the heroes and explains that she can heal their wounds. They agree. Tiberius quite interested watches intently as before now he has seen no sign that Andriel can use the flow. He has seen no silver aura to indicate such, despite her claims that she was exiled for being an aberrant user of magic. Andriel quiets herself, laying hands on Reollo, she breathes out and suddenly to Tiberius’ eyes inwardly a bright golden flash stabs out and stays burning fiercely. Andriel in turns heals each hero as required all the while the flow invisible to anyone but Tiberius burns. Then once finished it dims then disappears altogether and she seems as before.

After this everyone settles down for the night and sleep the sleep of the dead.

23nd day of 1st Nimos Second Epoch 2150

A flurry of activity in the morning and a few meager things are collected together as everyone, besides the three naked people, are leaving. Filing out of the straw covered room they spent the night, past the shattered remains of the undead creature. Tiberius pauses for a moment and realizes what no one else seems to have seen. The bones are less shattered than they were the night before; he however keeps this to himself, encouraging everyone else to keep moving.

As the now sizable group comes to exit the tower the heroes take point and move out into the tumble down courtyard. They across the court yard in the swiftly rising sun looms a large figure with its back to them. Reollo cautiously assesses the situation. The figure seems human but of huge proportions and lacking clothes. Sensing that the thing held no malice Reollo attempts to talk to it. At the sound of Reollo’s voice it turns around to face them. It face heavy ridged and stony looking, deep set eyes peering out, it speaks in a slow deep voice. “Come follow now” as is moves off trudging along. Reollo yells at it to stop and starts trying to ask it a question. It just repeats its three word statement and starts off again. At that moment Andriel appears and says
“Ah there is Robeor’s golem. It will lead us to the settlement and protects us as we go.”
Reollo wonders out loud why it could not have come in a helped out earlier.

Travelling south they reach the settlement at the end of a very long day. Tiberius is aware that as he watches Lucky, the flaming silver colour that seems to leak out of his very essence that indicates his barely controlled Ilth blood, slowly wanes until there is just a dull sparkle left. By the time they reach the forest not even that is evident.

Just before dusk the travelers approach a small and falling down, walled village; their destination. The front entry way showing numerous Hob bones set about, likely as warning to any intruders. As they work their way through the buildings under Andriel’s guidance she leaves the children and the adult freed slaves in a mostly well maintained hall. She then asks the heroes to follow her to the tower that can be seen rises three stories above the ground floor buildings that populate the rest of the village. In the small court yard in front of the tower the golem stands motionless as if it had never left, scattered around it are a number of Hob and wolf bodies, relatively fresh kills.

Then from the dark framed door at the base of the tower comes a deep resonant voice.
“Ah my dear, you have arrived at last. It has been a long time has it not.”
The tall man standing there has wispy white hair a full beard and a gleam in his eye that betrays more about his character than a hundred questions could attain. Tiberius notices that from within him shines a very dim silver light as if a lantern is being shone from a great distance.
“Yes Robeor I have returned home.” Andriel replies, moving to his side and leaning into him slightly.

Robeor then turns his attentions to the party and smiles. Reollo speaks up and says “who are you?”
He replies, “I am Robeor Aedailis the Magi Prime of New Ilthium, disposed by Beldrin. I am also your great uncle and his too.” pointing at Sirath, Indicating back to Reollo he continues “You look remarkably like my brother and him like my sister, which is not saying much for her or him. Oh how I miss them.” Reollo and Sirath are somewhat stunned by the revelation. Robeor eyes them all intently and says “Come let us go to the main hall where the others are and we will feast on such as we have and we shall talk some more.”

There is a flurry of activity and what little there is shared out amongst the gathered group. Robeor states that there is not enough in the settlement to keep everyone sustained for the rest of deep Nimos as it fast approaches. Andriel says that there were crates of food stuffs at the tower, the meal and dried meat used to sustain the freed slaves. Robeor agrees this is the best plan and indicates the golem will retrieve what is needed. A moment later the golem trudges past. Tiberius realising that the golem is likely to encounter the regenerated undead creature. Robeor asks a few questions of Andriel and then says that it was likely a revenant, that they are as different from each other as the people that spawn them. The creature will regenerate and come for them for disturbing its rest and taking its treasure. Reollo asked how do they get rid of it then? Robeor said that all depends some need to be destroyed by fire, other magic does it, they are all different. Reollo then said so what do we have to do take a bone to stop it from regenerating? Robeor then thinks for a moment and says there may be something to that, the golem will take care of it.

Just as the turn of conversation topics starts around to other things Robeor says “I believe there is one more person you have yet to welcome”, indicating towards the door way. All eyes lift to see a small figure standing with her hand upon the door frames, blind eyes staring sightlessly into the room. Before anyone can breathe Norhtal is out of his seat and across the room shouting “Allandra, Allandra.” falling to his knees and gently but fiercely hugging her. A range of reactions ensues from the others disbelief, confusion and emotions held in reserve. The children hold no such adult concepts and pour themselves over Allandra touching her and speaking all at once and she returns the warmth and love that they so obviously have for her.

As the meager meal is finished and the children start to settle, as the hearth is stirred and the talk turns to other serious matters. Darkness has well and truly settled across the island. Robeor asks Reollo and the rest what their plans are, now that they have found what they have been looking for. Reollo clearly indicates that they will find a way off the island and go home taking Allandra with them. Allandra speaks up and says that there is more to be done. She explains that when she lost her sight, when it was burned out with a hot iron by the Hob king, she had never felt so much pain. That night sinking deeper and deeper into despair a loving, caring woman came to her, a motherly Halfling woman. She told Allandra that all would be well that the chosen would come and they would bring about a great restoration. Allandra said that when she awoke the next morning the pain was gone and she began to have vision, her inner sight had awoken. Tiberius realizes that on the back of Allandra’s left hand is the symbol of Kagmara. Allandra goes onto say to her oldest friends that they are the chosen, she has foreseen it.

Reollo expresses his disinterest in such things. Robeor cuts him off and the launches into a story. During the waning years of the Ilthium Empire the Magi were distant from the realm, caught up in their own lust for magical exploration and discovery. The Cabal of the Black Sun were retained to deal with the nuisance of the Gaelraith wizards and unbeknownst to the Magi they had uncovered an ancient artifact that was rift generator. With this rift generator they opened the way to the nine planes of desolation and called forth Gargash. The rift generator was made of three components. The Altar of Darkness, which was the power source. The Blade of Darkness which was a black rod about 18” in length which was designed to be inserted down through the Heart of Darkness into the altar. The Heart of Darkness itself existed as four pieces. It was a black 8” cube. When Gargash was defeated trusted members of the Magi were given a piece each and they brought those pieces into exile with them. Robeor goes onto to say that be believes that Beldrin has for some reason started to try and collect the pieces and he may already have a piece. Likewise he is aware that the Hollow man is searching for them. Robeor says that he already has a piece hidden in a pocket dimension in the Magi tower in Fallsea. Beldrin knows its there, he just cannot get to it. Robeor admits however this piece is at risk as part of the safe keeping he magically endowed another branch of his family, the Naemirunds, without their knowing. The endowment was the means to access the dimensional pocket and was passed down through the youngest member of the family. A secret that has been kept safe for 250 years. As the pieces all start to fit together for the heroes they tell Robeor that his secret was no longer safe and they explain their story so far.

Robeor after hearing this exclaims that things are far worse than he had thought and asks that Reollo and the others consider searching for the other pieces. He outlines that he has discovered that there are two pieces to be found in the southern part of New Ilthium. One is in a tower in the middle of Narl’s Deep, raised by a Magi who fell to the Darkness. The other Robeor claims he has only recently deduced where it is. In the Brae burial mound of Talgaleth. Reollo asks Robeor why he has not sent someone else to collect them or gone himself. Robeor looks sternly at Reollo shakes his head slightly and says to them all. “I am not here as a meek exile, chained and bound, sent to die. I chose to leave New Ilthium. Such was Beldrin’s fervor to control the world around him to confine the flow to a few. No man could force me to do what I do not wish, but for the good of New Ilthium I chose to come here, otherwise we would have been devastated by civil war. To think my apprentice has done this to me.” Robeor goes onto explain that when the Magi went to deal with Narl at the tower he came out meekly confessed his foolishness, but none could go inside. There was a barrier obstructing entry. Robeor then says that he believes that as Allandra’s chosen there may be something about the Ascendant’s power that will allow them to breach the barrier.

By now it is late, very late. Reollo says that they will sleep on it and think some more, but in the morning they start to look for a way off the island. Robeor says “Look all you want, no one will be coming at least until 2nd Nimos is over and 3rd Nimos brings some thawing on New Ilthium itself. Oranus is protected by the shallow sea and has no mountains to carry the cold. But the mainland will be closed for the deepest of Nimos. We have much time to talk and think and to learn."


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