Session 1

Okay now I'm here, what do you want?

Each of our heroes have received a letter by someone called Norhtal, claiming to know them. They must decide what to do with this new information

10th day of 3rd Naylos Second Epoch 2150:

the day shone brightly it was a good day to start the long preparation for the coming coldness of Nimos. Or not. The letter arrived by the 3rd hour in the grubby hands of a street urchin by the name of Arithe. A Letter Arrives. Lucky Noson decided to leave straight away taking nothing but the clothes on his back and a knife. Reollo Aedailis opted to prepare himself and start out early the next morning, his military training instilled in him a need to be organised, his weaknesses forced him to pack more food than most. Sirath Haesty came out of his cups to late in the day and decided to strike out the next day when he had a full stomach. Tiberius Ulanor needed to know more and went to the library of the Magi to determine where he needed to go. Tiberius found out that Hadlin was the Abbott of a heretical sect of Ardar. Despite this he made preparation the best he could to leave the next day.

Session 1 continued



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