Session 10

Now did we forget anybody? & Them bones them bones... is that fire coming out of the sky?

The heroes with some time on their hands and curious as to who or what was in the hidden tunnels they found decided to take a look and encountered traps, a priest of darkness, a secret way out of Fallsea and an unconscious Mr Shady.

24th day of 3rd Naylos Second Epoch 2150

Barely pausing for breath the party attended to Mr Shady’s wounds and then tried to revive Mr Shady. He roused for few moments. Long enough to tell them incredulously that it had been only 9 men in total that had taken down most of his crew. That the rest was tunnels and this was the main complex. With that Mr Shady returned to insensibility and unconsciousness.

The party weighed up their options. Tiberius was quite happy to leave Mr Shady to his own devices, no doubt seeing the immense benefit of having the local crime boss out of the way and access to before unknown tunnels highly useful for smuggling. The others would not hear of it at all. So the party decided to retreat out of the hole in the wall as it seemed there was nothing else for them to find. Tiberius used his unrestrained and dangerous powers to levitate Mr Shady out and suffered a great deal of damage for doing so. Sirath went and retrieved the small man still bound and gagged. They left the small man at the local Home Guard post quietly. Leaving a note on him to keep him bound and gagged.

Session 10 continued



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