Session 11

I have a dream, eh what's that a Dragon? Do we get to kill it?

Reollo, Lucky, Sirath and Tiberius travelled to Tabott’s Corner on a quest for Iaral. Norhtal catches up shortly afterwards. Organising themselves they head up to the mine holding, but along the way have a run in with a mage and a group of undead. Tiberius finds a blood red stone that apparently tames the raging of his activated Ilth blood.

5th day of 1st Nimos Second Epoch 2150

The party having discovered an escape tunnel in the blasted ruins of a building in the Brae ruin. Lucky volunteers to venture down the tunnel. Looking down the shaft Lucky sees a ladder and stepping down about 10’ comes to a crawl size tunnel. About 15’ along Lucky hears amd feels a rumble and a sizeable amount of dusty and debris spews up the tunnel over him. Lucky continues until it is clear that there is no way past the cave in.

Session 11 continued



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