Session 19

Ahhh we found you. Now I'm going home... What? There's more?

22nd day of 1st Nimos Second Epoch 2150

A whithered and skeletal figure faces off against Reollo down a corridor having appeared in a blur of motion and thrown a spear at him, which he parried, the spear then appearing back in the creature’s hand.

All of a sudden everything happens at once. Sirath, already standing at the door way in order to back Reollo up, moves into the corridor. As he does so a wave of terror floods over him, fighting it down he moves into position next to Reollo. Reollo starts to move down towards the undead creature and as he does this, in another blur of motion, it seemingly appears in front of Reollo. Lucky then runs to the door way that Sirath has just stepped out of as Norhtal, choosing not to get caught up behind Lucky, Norhtal runs at speed to another door out of the room, heading through that adjoining room. Tiberius moves towards the door way where Lucky is.

The undead creature stabs out twice with its spear with lightning fast jabs, catching Reollo across his barely healed ribs undoing all the good work the healing draught had done just a short time before. In desperation he lashes out connecting with both of his weapons and the creature barely takes notice. Sirath moves in and strikes hard out at it. One moment it seemed he was going to land the blow, the next the creature was no longer where he expected it to be; then it was inside his strike range trying to impale him. Sirath blocking with great determination and batting sideways with his shield. With such force that it knocks the spear out of the hand of its wielder, clattering to the floor. Lucky in the midst of this gains the corridor and in doing so struggles with a torrent of sheer terror, shaking it off he moves forward, with Tiberius not far behind who barely blinks at the fear feelings inspired by the creatures. Tiberius then fires a bolt at the creature which bounces of the ceiling and shatters. Norhtal has by now made his way through the adjacent room and gains the corridor further up than Lucky and Tiberius. As he does he sinks to his knees as though winded by the raging fear flying at him.

The undead creature lunges for the spear as Reollo lashes out again, this time sending chunks of armour and bone flying. Sirath follows up with his own huge swing, Earth Cleaver biting down through the scale mail it is wearing slicing down through the torso and becoming embedded just before exiting the other side. The creature immediately becomes inert and slides off Sirath’s sword. Reollo struggling to stay standing moves to the once again lifeless creature and beheads it and crushes its skull under his boot.

Shortly after Norhtal regains his feet and goes back into the room full of children, collapses in a corner in exhaustion. Tiberius goes over to the fallen spear and picks it up without hesitation. There is brief battle to control the rage to kill everyone in sight and then it calms and dissipates.

Andriel settles the children and as Reollo is debating whether to access the last healing draught. Andreil then approaches the heroes and explains that she can heal their wounds. They agree. Tiberius quite interested watches intently as before now he has seen no sign that Andriel can use the flow. He has seen no silver aura to indicate such, despite her claims that she was exiled for being an aberrant user of magic. Andriel quiets herself, laying hands on Reollo, she breathes out and suddenly to Tiberius’ eyes inwardly a bright golden flash stabs out and stays burning fiercely. Andriel in turns heals each hero as required all the while the flow invisible to anyone but Tiberius burns. Then once finished it dims then disappears altogether and she seems as before.

After this everyone settles down for the night and sleep the sleep of the dead.

23nd day of 1st Nimos Second Epoch 2150

A flurry of activity in the morning and a few meager things are collected together as everyone, besides the three naked people, are leaving. Filing out of the straw covered room they spent the night, past the shattered remains of the undead creature. Tiberius pauses for a moment and realizes what no one else seems to have seen. The bones are less shattered than they were the night before; he however keeps this to himself, encouraging everyone else to keep moving.

As the now sizable group comes to exit the tower the heroes take point and move out into the tumble down courtyard. They across the court yard in the swiftly rising sun looms a large figure with its back to them. Reollo cautiously assesses the situation. The figure seems human but of huge proportions and lacking clothes. Sensing that the thing held no malice Reollo attempts to talk to it. At the sound of Reollo’s voice it turns around to face them. It face heavy ridged and stony looking, deep set eyes peering out, it speaks in a slow deep voice. “Come follow now” as is moves off trudging along. Reollo yells at it to stop and starts trying to ask it a question. It just repeats its three word statement and starts off again. At that moment Andriel appears and says
“Ah there is Robeor’s golem. It will lead us to the settlement and protects us as we go.”
Reollo wonders out loud why it could not have come in a helped out earlier.

Travelling south they reach the settlement at the end of a very long day. Tiberius is aware that as he watches Lucky, the flaming silver colour that seems to leak out of his very essence that indicates his barely controlled Ilth blood, slowly wanes until there is just a dull sparkle left. By the time they reach the forest not even that is evident.

Just before dusk the travelers approach a small and falling down, walled village; their destination. The front entry way showing numerous Hob bones set about, likely as warning to any intruders. As they work their way through the buildings under Andriel’s guidance she leaves the children and the adult freed slaves in a mostly well maintained hall. She then asks the heroes to follow her to the tower that can be seen rises three stories above the ground floor buildings that populate the rest of the village. In the small court yard in front of the tower the golem stands motionless as if it had never left, scattered around it are a number of Hob and wolf bodies, relatively fresh kills.

Then from the dark framed door at the base of the tower comes a deep resonant voice.
“Ah my dear, you have arrived at last. It has been a long time has it not.”
The tall man standing there has wispy white hair a full beard and a gleam in his eye that betrays more about his character than a hundred questions could attain. Tiberius notices that from within him shines a very dim silver light as if a lantern is being shone from a great distance.
“Yes Robeor I have returned home.” Andriel replies, moving to his side and leaning into him slightly.

Robeor then turns his attentions to the party and smiles. Reollo speaks up and says “who are you?”
He replies, “I am Robeor Aedailis the Magi Prime of New Ilthium, disposed by Beldrin. I am also your great uncle and his too.” pointing at Sirath, Indicating back to Reollo he continues “You look remarkably like my brother and him like my sister, which is not saying much for her or him. Oh how I miss them.” Reollo and Sirath are somewhat stunned by the revelation. Robeor eyes them all intently and says “Come let us go to the main hall where the others are and we will feast on such as we have and we shall talk some more.”

There is a flurry of activity and what little there is shared out amongst the gathered group. Robeor states that there is not enough in the settlement to keep everyone sustained for the rest of deep Nimos as it fast approaches. Andriel says that there were crates of food stuffs at the tower, the meal and dried meat used to sustain the freed slaves. Robeor agrees this is the best plan and indicates the golem will retrieve what is needed. A moment later the golem trudges past. Tiberius realising that the golem is likely to encounter the regenerated undead creature. Robeor asks a few questions of Andriel and then says that it was likely a revenant, that they are as different from each other as the people that spawn them. The creature will regenerate and come for them for disturbing its rest and taking its treasure. Reollo asked how do they get rid of it then? Robeor said that all depends some need to be destroyed by fire, other magic does it, they are all different. Reollo then said so what do we have to do take a bone to stop it from regenerating? Robeor then thinks for a moment and says there may be something to that, the golem will take care of it.

Just as the turn of conversation topics starts around to other things Robeor says “I believe there is one more person you have yet to welcome”, indicating towards the door way. All eyes lift to see a small figure standing with her hand upon the door frames, blind eyes staring sightlessly into the room. Before anyone can breathe Norhtal is out of his seat and across the room shouting “Allandra, Allandra.” falling to his knees and gently but fiercely hugging her. A range of reactions ensues from the others disbelief, confusion and emotions held in reserve. The children hold no such adult concepts and pour themselves over Allandra touching her and speaking all at once and she returns the warmth and love that they so obviously have for her.

As the meager meal is finished and the children start to settle, as the hearth is stirred and the talk turns to other serious matters. Darkness has well and truly settled across the island. Robeor asks Reollo and the rest what their plans are, now that they have found what they have been looking for. Reollo clearly indicates that they will find a way off the island and go home taking Allandra with them. Allandra speaks up and says that there is more to be done. She explains that when she lost her sight, when it was burned out with a hot iron by the Hob king, she had never felt so much pain. That night sinking deeper and deeper into despair a loving, caring woman came to her, a motherly Halfling woman. She told Allandra that all would be well that the chosen would come and they would bring about a great restoration. Allandra said that when she awoke the next morning the pain was gone and she began to have vision, her inner sight had awoken. Tiberius realizes that on the back of Allandra’s left hand is the symbol of Kagmara. Allandra goes onto say to her oldest friends that they are the chosen, she has foreseen it.

Reollo expresses his disinterest in such things. Robeor cuts him off and the launches into a story. During the waning years of the Ilthium Empire the Magi were distant from the realm, caught up in their own lust for magical exploration and discovery. The Cabal of the Black Sun were retained to deal with the nuisance of the Gaelraith wizards and unbeknownst to the Magi they had uncovered an ancient artifact that was rift generator. With this rift generator they opened the way to the nine planes of desolation and called forth Gargash. The rift generator was made of three components. The Altar of Darkness, which was the power source. The Blade of Darkness which was a black rod about 18” in length which was designed to be inserted down through the Heart of Darkness into the altar. The Heart of Darkness itself existed as four pieces. It was a black 8” cube. When Gargash was defeated trusted members of the Magi were given a piece each and they brought those pieces into exile with them. Robeor goes onto to say that be believes that Beldrin has for some reason started to try and collect the pieces and he may already have a piece. Likewise he is aware that the Hollow man is searching for them. Robeor says that he already has a piece hidden in a pocket dimension in the Magi tower in Fallsea. Beldrin knows its there, he just cannot get to it. Robeor admits however this piece is at risk as part of the safe keeping he magically endowed another branch of his family, the Naemirunds, without their knowing. The endowment was the means to access the dimensional pocket and was passed down through the youngest member of the family. A secret that has been kept safe for 250 years. As the pieces all start to fit together for the heroes they tell Robeor that his secret was no longer safe and they explain their story so far.

Robeor after hearing this exclaims that things are far worse than he had thought and asks that Reollo and the others consider searching for the other pieces. He outlines that he has discovered that there are two pieces to be found in the southern part of New Ilthium. One is in a tower in the middle of Narl’s Deep, raised by a Magi who fell to the Darkness. The other Robeor claims he has only recently deduced where it is. In the Brae burial mound of Talgaleth. Reollo asks Robeor why he has not sent someone else to collect them or gone himself. Robeor looks sternly at Reollo shakes his head slightly and says to them all. “I am not here as a meek exile, chained and bound, sent to die. I chose to leave New Ilthium. Such was Beldrin’s fervor to control the world around him to confine the flow to a few. No man could force me to do what I do not wish, but for the good of New Ilthium I chose to come here, otherwise we would have been devastated by civil war. To think my apprentice has done this to me.” Robeor goes onto explain that when the Magi went to deal with Narl at the tower he came out meekly confessed his foolishness, but none could go inside. There was a barrier obstructing entry. Robeor then says that he believes that as Allandra’s chosen there may be something about the Ascendant’s power that will allow them to breach the barrier.

By now it is late, very late. Reollo says that they will sleep on it and think some more, but in the morning they start to look for a way off the island. Robeor says “Look all you want, no one will be coming at least until 2nd Nimos is over and 3rd Nimos brings some thawing on New Ilthium itself. Oranus is protected by the shallow sea and has no mountains to carry the cold. But the mainland will be closed for the deepest of Nimos. We have much time to talk and think and to learn."



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