Session 21

I'm Tiberius are you the Apprentice & that is one ugly woman

Having finally secured passage from the island Oranus to Talgyn’s End on the main land New Ilthium, after a deadly battle with a dweller of the nine planes, where in Robeor was dragged to one of the frozen planes of hell. That night finding themselves left standing on the docks in Talgyn’s End as Andriel and wards disappear in varying directions into the growing dark, with promise from Andriel and Alandra to meet in the morning at the Pike and Whale tavern.

15th day of 3rd Nimos Second Epoch 2151
The heroes stumble their way across the holding towards the general direction of the Pike and Whale after attaining directions from a home guardsman on duty. They find it in short measure and settle down for a meal and a drink. Norhtal works his way past his fears about being somewhere there are a lot more people than he is used, relaxing as much as he is capable when he knows that there are about 1500 people all around him. Sirath makes up for over a month of not having any decent brew and starts off the first of sixteen ales before he decides to turn in for the night. The others are more moderate in their approach after negotiating the lodgings with the landlord.

16th day of 3rd Nimos Second Epoch 2151
As Tiberius requires less sleep then most since possessing the tainted mage stone he decided to leave the others asleep and go to market. Wandering northwards following the signs to the old market section, the holding is just starting to stir awake for the day. As he approaches the old market square he notices that the square is mostly deserted, except for a few shop keepers and a cloaked man with a silver aura signifying that he is a user of magic. The man has not seen Tiberius as he has his back to him. Tiberius hesitates for a moment then decides that as he is the most intelligent man alive then this must be the apprentice of the holding and feeling relatively safe, as they have not previously been able to tell that he is what is considered to be an aberrant mage, approaches the man and says, “Hello, are you the magi or the apprentice.” An incredulous look crosses the young, pale man’s face as he turns and sees Tiberius, his dark hair framing his face as his pale eyes open wide at what he sees. He says “Who are you? I do not know you. You are an aberrant!” Tiberius pauses for a second, trying to figure out how it all went so wrong so quickly and takes a step backwards. The man mutters a phrase, lunges, striking Tiberius’ left leg. All feeling ceases in that leg and Tiberius falls over unable to stand up right. The man is now yelling at the top of his lungs “Guards, guards” with the sound of footsteps approaching. Tiberius decides to beat as hasty a retreat as possible dragging himself away and casts darkness with his amulet. The cloaked man standing still murmurs a string of words and the darkness clears. Tiberius still dragging himself towards the stalls can see men in home guard uniforms approaching and casts darkness again. The young man murmurs some words again and the darkness clears again. Tiberius still dragging himself away casts darkness again and slumps against the door of the shop he was aiming for. However he finds that he cannot reach the door handle to open it in his current state. Suddenly he feels the door open inwards a pair of arms grapple with him and drag him inside and the door closes just as the darkness is cleared away once again. Without any ceremony Tiberius is dumped down a trap door into a small bolt hole. The trap door is closed and the sound of heavy things being placed on top it can be heard.

After a few moments waiting for his eyes to adjust to the much dimmer level of light in the bolt hole and gathering himself Tiberius can hear noises coming from above. There is a muffled banging on the shop door, a command to open up. The sound of a discussion and then heavy boot falls on the floor above, some loud bangs and bumps and the heavy boot sounds retreating away. Tiberius then attempts to open the trap door but fails. Becoming somewhat concerned that he is trapped and not entirely certain that whoever bundled him into the bolt hole has good intentions he contacts Bright Eye Sharp Tooth who is back at the Pike and Whale, telling him that he is being held captive somewhere in the old market, to get the others and come and get him.

Bright Eye succeeds in waking up the others. They gather themselves together and in no particular hurry after the find out what is going on start to leave. Reollo in passing the kitchen refuses to leave without grabbing at least something to eat. Bolting down some oat meal, they then dash out the door following Bright Eye’s directions. As they approach the old market they notice a considerable commotion occurring. There are a number of home guards conducting what appears to be a door to door search and there are more guards arriving by the second. Standing in the middle of all the commotion is the young man giving directions. Bright Eye earnestly tells Reollo, Sirath, Lucky and Norhtal that Tiberius is somewhere in amongst what is going on. They stand watching and trying to determine what is going on and how to approach it. From behind them an older rotund mage comes walking quickly, puffed by his effort. Trying to look inconspicuous the heroes stand there trying not to attract attention to themselves. The older mage walks past them and straight up to the younger mage. They lean in close to each other and appear to have an argument. The older mage then turns back the way he came and walks off past the heroes.

Meanwhile Tiberius attempts a number of times to open the trap door again, without success, becoming increasingly concerned about the intentions of the person that bundled him down into the bolt hole. Deciding to catalyze the situation in order to get himself out he tells Bright Eyes to follow their link and find him. Bright Eye ever obedient runs down off Reollo’s shoulder and heads into the old market square, attracting the attention of the young mage. Reollo cursing Bright Eyes under his breath and Tiberius by extension follows Bright Eyes with the others in tow. Reollo bends down and scoops up Bright Eyes and introduces himself to the young mage pouring on the charm. The mage takes an immediate liking to Reollo and enthusiastically introduces himself as Tellnor Phaisriurin, journeyman magi and nephew to Magi Prime Beldrin Phaisrisurin. Reollo introduces himself as plain old Reollo. Reollo then asks Tellnor to tell what the commotion is all about. Tellnor explains to him that an aberrant mage was in the square a little while ago and that he himself had to deal with him, but before the guards came he was able to vanish. The search for him was now spreading outwards from the square. Reollo asked if there was any way that he and friends could help? Tellnor stated that despite what Master Alkath had said he was continuing the search as Uncle Beldrin’s standing orders were clear on the capture of aberrant mages. Tellnor asked Reollo if he could stay at the square and keep an eye on things there whilst he went and co-ordinate the search at the front? Reollo happily agreed to help out that way.

Almost as soon as Tellnor’s back was turned Tiberius called Bright Eye over to the shop where he was. Reollo, Lucky, Sirath following with Norhtal keeping an eye out. Reollo knocked on the appropriate door and a young voice on the other side asks what business they have. Reollo says that they are looking for a friend. The voice says that there is no-one else here other than him. Reollo convinces the young man to open the door and Tiberius starts banging on the trap door as loud as he can. The young man protests the intrusion as Sirath goes in a moves the barrels and crates and opens the trap door. Tiberius comes out of the bolt hole in a flurry threatening to kill the young man, saying that he had the whole situation completely in hand. The young man is utterly shocked and then in turn highly irate. He raises his voice and tells Tiberius in no uncertain terms that the gathering and its sympathizers risk their lives to save the lives of idiot mages who place themselves in danger for no other reason than they seem to think that they can do whatever they want. Reollo concerned that Tiberius will do something that they will all regret steps in between Tiberius and the young man as Norhtal alerts of someone approaching and a man walks up to the shop. He assesses the situation with and intense look and asks what is going on why the heroes are in his shop? Reollo tries to explain in some deflecting way but the young man says quickly “Father I tried to help out a mage, but now he claims I have wronged him.” The older man shakes his head. Looks at Reollo and says “If any of you wants to get out of the holding in one piece follow me now.” Surprisingly they follow and without question.

The older man leads them a short distance to an old meeting place, seems to have been a temple of sorts at one time or another. Disused now and close to the wall, the older man tells them to stay there as someone will be by with their things and to send them on their way. Holing themselves up in an antechamber at the back of the building they wait in silence for about 20 minutes until they hear two sets of footsteps. Alerted but not alarmed they arm themselves and position themselves to be able to deal with any threat as best as possible. The first person they see step through the doorway is the older mage they now know as Alkath, closely followed by Andriel.

After a moment to catch their breath a number of questions are asked which all add up to the same thing. “What is going on?” Andriel looks less than impressed and explains that the gathering has some support in high places. Alkath agrees that this is the case as he is an example and goes onto say that not everyone believes that the regulation of magic the way Beldrin is doing is wise. Alkath then turns to Tiberius and almost wondering aloud says “How can a man who is such a genius be such an idiot?” Tiberius attempts to defend himself but he is waved off by Alkath, turning to Andriel and says “So without Robeor to help guide him what are we going to do? He is so impetuous.” Exhaling deeply he shakes his head looks up and asks what the heroes plans are. They explain that they felt it was best course of action to first go to Narl’s Tower. Alkath looks quizzically at Andriel. Andriel then explains that Robeor felt that as Alandra had visions of them, then whatever interest the ascendants had in them was likely to help them to enter the tower where the magi had failed previously. Alkath nodding slowly tells them about Ulanor Manor, telling Tiberius that it was his family home where he was born, built by Haskin Ulanor. He points out where it is on the shore line of Narl’s Deep and that there is likely to be a boat left there. Tiberius suddenly brimful of questions asks Alkath about it. Alkath says that there is much to say but now is not the time, that indeed there may be somethings left over still there that the gathering had not previously found, not that anyone was really looking as it is used as a way house at times.

Setting out almost immediately the heroes travel for the best part of the day arriving at the hills overlooking the manor late in the afternoon at about the eleventh hour, being cautious after seeing smoke coming from the chimney. They all agree the best plan is to send Norhtal and Bright Eyes down to scout out the building. Norhtal caries Bright Eyes down to one of the front entries that has a broken window next to it. Norhtal places Bright Eyes down and then moves off around to the side of the building and disappears to sight, whilst Bright Eyes climbs inside. Through Bright Eyes Tiberius sees what he sees and relays to the other what is seen. Bright Eyes finds himself in an entry area with doors right and left and an open doorway straight ahead. Bright Eyes sneaks to the doorway and peers through. The room is a large sitting room. At the large copper shielded fireplace stands a very tall gray skinned haggard looking woman, which Tiberius identifies as an Annis, which is a being of darkness from the nine planes. In two barely holding together arm chairs are two ogres also. Bright Eyes withdraws quickly and heads back out up the hill and the others wait for the return on Norhtal. He returns a short while later and explains that around at the water front is what appears to be a dock underneath the manor and as far as he could see without getting wet there was a boat.

The heroes withdraw some distance into the hills, set up camp in a sheltered spot and plan their attack on the manor in the morning, which basically consists of a knock and surprise attack combination.

17th day of 3rd Nimos Second Epoch 2151
In the morning they gather together their packs, Reollo suffering from a lack of solid sleep due to nightmares that plague him. The heroes then gather up on the hillside overlooking the manor going over the plan once more. Lucky and Tiberius station themselves in line of sight of the main door so they can attack from a distance. Reollo, Sirath and Norhtal carrying Bright Eyes head down to the manor. Bright Eyes is fed through the broken window as Norhtal gets a boost onto the roof to attempt entry through the second floor. Reollo and Sirath flatten themselves against the wall either side of the doorway. Bright Eyes then goes to the doorway of the sitting room and peers through and sees the Annis standing in the room alone and no sign of the ogres. The Annis turns and sees Bright Eyes and he scarpers out through the broken window, telling Reollo on the way out that the Annis has seen him.

Reollo then steels himself and knocks on the door. The sound of footsteps and then a woman’s voice calls out “Hello, who is there?” The door opens and standing the doorway is a tall red haired woman dressed in leathers. Lucky hesitates and fails to take the shot with grey death. Tiberius calls out “We known what you are demon” as Reollo in blur of motion steps into the doorway sword draw and pulls short his attack asking “Who are you?”

At that precise point so caught off guard the woman’s outline flickers and the form changes to the very tall gray skinned haggard looking woman with huge claw like pincers on the end of both arms. The change galvanizes Lucky and despite Reollo being in the way he takes the shot. The arrow leaves Grey Death howling like a banshee, pushed along by sheer force of luck. The arrow slides past Reollo’s left ear and slams into the demon just below the clavicle, knocking it down with the force of the shaft. The Annis screams in a high pitch ululating sound. Reollo steps forward and strikes down with both Bloodletter and his axe, Sirath following in close behind and takes a shot at the Annis despite the fact that an enraged ogre is storming the room. The Annis falls into unconsciousness. Tiberius takes the opportunity to summon to mind a spell and the ogre falls flat on its face and the other ogre rushes in treading on top of its prostrated companion. The upright ogre swings a wide arc with its club missing. Reollo swings upwards gutting it, its bowels spilling down onto the one on the floor. Sirath swings down hard ending its life before it could even attempt to stand up.



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