Session 23

Sure I have a new tattoo but I am not going back in there & excuse me would you like a breath mint?

Previously the heroes tried to get some answers out of Brosphor and becoming concerned about his strange behaviour. They left Norhtal with Brosphor at the manor after Brosphor became unconscious. Lucky, Reollo, Sirath and Tiberius piloted a boat to Narl’s Tower finding it enshrouded in a gloomy otherworld darkness that almost killed Reollo and Sirath when they cross the boundary.

18th day of 3rd Nimos Second Epoch 2151

Reollo and Sirath wake up 8 hours later, healed. They have vague recollections of meeting someone, being told something but cannot quite remember what it was or for what reason. They light a fire to warm themselves by after collect a small amount of drift wood and discuss between themselves how they are not willing to try and enter the tower if that means going through the shadowy veil surrounding it. Taking time to take further stock of themselves, to wash and recuperate they notice that on themselves and each other they have what appear to iridescent tattoos on them in the devise of the ascendants. Reollo bearing the mark of Krolros on his right shoulder and Sirath has Kagyn’s mark across his chest.

Session 23 continued



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