Session 24

The Hag is black, now pink & We have got it now its time to go.

Having cleared out the second level of Narl’s Tower of an Annis and some shadows, the heroes rest for a moment before moving upwards and onwards.

8th day of 3rd Nimos Second Epoch 2151

The heroes ascend to the next floor. Opening the door from the stair case they are confronted by a 20’ x 20’ room. Directly across the room outlined in a single door open, is what they recognise as a black hag. A terror from their childhood horror tales. Creatures of evil black hags steal children in the dead of night to eat them. To their left and right are two doors in each wall, through the open door ways, past the four large bluish/green ogre like creatures with long spears they can see in each room another four of the creatures with long spears.

Session 24 continued



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