Session 25

Burnt to the water line & I am beginning to feel out numbered, bring it on.

Having cleared out Narl’s Tower and having retrieved their quest target one of the black cubes, the heroes exit the tower to be confronted by the revelation that Arkazul and Brosphor are possibly one and the same although the voice is clearly that of Arkazul that demands the black cube or their friend dies.

18th day of 3rd Nimos Second Epoch 2151
Arkazul rising to Brosphor’s full stature, disdain in his eyes then says with power behind his voice “Bow before your god.” The heroes feel a wave of terror wash over them but they are not affected but the madness that pulls at their edges of sanity. Reollo hesitation however is shocked by the revelation, struggling to understand whether his friend is Arkazul or is possessed and not in control. Lucky has no such hesitation and goes into action. In blur of movement he draws an arrow, notches it and fires putting an arrow into the eye of Arkazul. Sirath charges drawing his sword as he goes. Tiberius casts a spell in an attempt to trip Arkazul over, however he is not affected. Reollo coming to grips with what is happening follows up from behind. The air dims slightly and Arkazul is no longer standing where he should and is now at the end of the jetty. Arkazul pulls the arrow out of the eye socket, “Last chance. Give me the cube or your friend dies.” The heroes continue to advance silent, “You had your warning, this is not over.” the air dims again and Arkazul is gone.

Session 25 continued



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