Session 26

Not feeling like myself...

After having a confrontation with Arkazul, the heroes travelled southwards towards the Burial Mound of Talgaleth. They encountered an insane fey and an epic battle ensued, wherein the heroes came out victorious but Reollo and Sirath were seriously injured as a result.

22nd day of 3rd Nimos Second Epoch 2151

Tiberius having been awake for a number of hours studying waits as the rest of the group wakes with the sun. As Reollo and Sirath wake they realize that their wounds have healed, another unexplained instance.

Breaking fast and then breaking camp the heroes move off slowly to the burial mound. After several hours of travelling they emerge out of the woods and from their elevated position can look down upon a vista of the burial mound of Talgaleth situated within a small sea of smaller burial mounds. The mound of Talgaleth itself is well over 200’ in size. The whole complex covers about a half mile in total.

Session 26 continued



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