Mistress Emeldra Sneak

A savvy woman of indeterminate age. The leader of a sizeable rouges organisation across New Ilthium known as Mistress Sneak's Alliance.


Mistress Sneak is a tall dark haired, fiery green eyed woman.


There is little known about Mistress Sneak by those inside her organisation, let alone those outside of it.

It is rumored that she started as a street urchin in Crestwell fifty years after the first landing. By the time Fallsea was founded she ran the underground and black market ventures in Crestwell and Galdrin’s reach. Mistress Sneak then transfered her power base to Fallsea. She was instrumental behind the scenes in having the extensive galleries carved out under Fallsea. These furthered her purpose emensely.

Mistress Emeldra Sneak

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