Andelin Nalis

A swarthy and stout man of sour disposition and unclear motives


Andelin is the overseer of The Repository. The Repository is where all of the magical heirlooms are stored for any orphans until they come of age, regardless of whether they have remembered what has happened to them.

Andelin is also the head factor of a minor factor house.

His brusque attitude is highly off putting to most, he is a shrewd factor but for some reason his household does not seem to advance to a higher level of wealth. There is something about Andelin that most people inherently do not trust and this may just be his biggest fault.


Andelin has been implicated as being a member of The Black Circle, possibly even its leader. This has come from a number of things. Such as his likely involvement with stranding the party on Oranus Session 14. Then in Hob Tower crates of trade goods were found with his factor house mark on them. The major indicator came when the party met Andriel who stated that it was likely that whoever the Hobs and Gobs of Hob Tower were in trade with was to be the leader of the Black Circle.

Andelin Nalis

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