The being with a demons name.


The only sighting that have been made of Arkazul are from a distance. Seeming to be a tall dark cloaked figure. The only certainty regarding Arkazul is that he wants to kidnap Nistral Naemirund. The reason for such things are not know currently. Also that it seems he can vanish without trace leaving behind burnt footprints in any living matter.

Lucky had a run in with Arkazul in the undergalleries of Fallsea which left him a little worse than wear. Arkazul by by the power of his voice alone made Lucky faint.

After this it appears that Arkazul is following the player party around having been snowed in with Arkazul in Tabott’s Corner. The first inkling of this was a number of grizzly murders that had occurred each a 3 day a part. The on the next three day night Arkazul appeared in the player’s room stealing the black rod taken from the small man/darkness priest.

In his possession:



V'harn Rusty