Brosphor Alutain

Previously a Captain of the Home Guard now serving as Beldrin's Seneschal and body guard.


Brosphor served with distinction in the home guard. He was for many years favoured to be next Marshall of the Guard, but has recently entered into service for Beldrin Phaisrisurin as his senenschal and body guard.

At one time Brosphor and Reollo Aedailis were firm friends. They started in the Home Guard together and both rose through the ranks quickly distinguishing themselves in the field with their at times divergent leadership styles and attained the rank of Captain.

However during a combined maneuver between Brosphor’s and Reollo’s squads in trying to track down some bandits that had been ranging through the minor holdings between Tolvin’s Wood and Tall Trees there was an incident where the squads were attempting to flush the bandits out by smoking them out. The horror that followed forever tore Brosphor and Reollo apart. The full details are not known but one of Reollo’s squad swore that he saw Reollo let the fire get out of control on purpose. The resulting damage to a number of crops and the burning down of small holdings wall had to be answered for. Reollo was summarily disgracefully discharged from the Home Guard and Brosphor soon after entered the service of Beldrin.

Recently the party came across Brosphor at Tabott’s Corner. It was here that Reollo Aedailis noticed that Brosphor was looking particularly unwell, thin and pale.

Brosphor Alutain

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