Dolis Eulo

An imposing and cruel man who was Captain of the Black Guard from Fallsea.


Dolis had been in the Black Guard for as long as most would care to remember, he had forced his way there by strength of will and feats of arms alone. He commanded the Fallsea detachment of the Black Guard with a ruthless attitude that would brook no weakness for many years. The Fallsea Black Guard was the ultimate fighting force whilst in his command.

It would have remained in his command as such if not for Sirath Haesty joining the squad. Sirath was a power house and whilst most knew that his intelligence was questionable however in the art of destroying an enemy Sirath excelled. This prompted his promotion to the Black Guard and the inevitable collision course with Dolis.

Within a bare few weeks Dolis began singling out Sirath for some of the most vicious treatment. It was months and months of this singling out that Dolis felt was deserved. There was to be no weakness in the Black Guard but yet here was a man who was mentally deficient and a drunk in his squad. He had to get him to leave at all costs. One day Dolis crossed the line into personal territory for Sirath, up until now Sirath could ignore the appalling treatment writing it off as having to prove himself as the new recruit. Whatever it was that Dolis did or said it triggered in Sirath a very violent reaction. A reaction that pleased Dolis as he had found a true weakness that he could exploit. Sirath was restrained by his fellow squad members at that time but it was not long after that Dolis set Sirath up.

During a training session Dolis pushed all the squad hard but had especially focussed on Sirath. It was hear during the court marshall is was said that Dolis lent in close and murmured something to Sirath. The reaction was immediate and Siarth swung a huge arc at his Captain with his practice sword. The Captain well ready for such a thing disarmed Sirath and then used his sword to take off Sirath’s ear. The abuse of power could not be ignored by the Marshall of the Guard, neither could the apparent bloodlust demonstrated by Sirath. Neither could be trusted again to serve the people of New Ilthium in the Guard.

After being discharged from the Black Guard it seems that Dolis was approached by Beldrin Phaisrisurin to be the captain of his personal company. In this capacity he has become somewhat unfettered in his somewhat delusional outlook “might is right – and I am the might.”

Recently the party met Dolis at Tabott’s Corner. After an incident with Lucky Noson where Dolis amazingly came off second best Lucky now finds him self an enemy in a potentially very powerful man. Also due to Dolis’ attitude towards the player party he has earned the nick name “dog face” and also because the player’s kept forgetting his name.

Dolis Eulo

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