Iaral Naemirund

The brother of Lady Unauht Naemirund. A man of principle and wisdom


Iaral is a massive man. 6’8” and half a wide. He draws people after him wherever he goes.


Iaral was killed in an attempt to rescue his nephew Nistral Naemirund. He was resurrected by Hadlin Adaris at the The Oratory, much to the almost disbelief of his sister Lady Unauht Naemirund. He has now in a return of of kind offered an arrangement with the party. He is in effect their Patron, he gives them leave to pursue their own investigations, sanctioning in effect whatever damage they do along the way, for a return of helping with any issues that the Naerimund Factor hose may need dealing with.

He is currently recovering from being dead at an astonishing rate.

Iaral Naemirund

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