Norhtal Braunalson

A woodsman in the Wyrm's Reach forces. Known to be a little strange.


Norhtal braunalson

Norhtal braunalson 2

Ryrmarchim’s Blessing
When Ryrmarchim blesses her especially chosen she brings them closer to her essence and thus nature.

Night Vision: lvl 4 – 4 pts
Acute Hearing: lvl 2 – 4 pts

Regeneration (Fast): 1 HP per minute 50 pts
Limitation for regeneration
Costs Fatigue: 2FP to activate (1FP per minute) -20%
Limited Use: Twice per 24 hr period -30%
Preparation Required: 1 minute -20%
Total Regeneration 15

Animal Empathy: 5 pts
Plant Empathy: 5 pts

Total Ryrmarchim’s Blessing: 33 pts

Weapon Master – War Hatchet +1 per die to basic thrust or swing
Talent: Outdoorsman lvl 2 +2 bonus all affected skills, +2 to reaction rolls with people who recognise the skill
Absolute Direction +3 to Navigation and body sense
Combat Reflexes +1 active defense rolls, +1 fast draw skill, +2 vs fright checks, +6 IQ rolls for wake up
Stuttering -2 reaction rolls with conversation, -2 diplomacy, fast talk, performance, public speaking, sex appeal, singing.


Norhtal is an orphan adopted by the Captain of the Home Guard in Wyrm’s reach. His parents were non-Ilth traders killed by goblins and captured at the age of 9 and enslaved by them for 4 years.

Norhtal has picked a up number of items:


Norhtal Braunalson

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