Tiberius Ulanor

Human Genius


ST 10 HP 10
DX 8 WILL 16
IQ 16 PER 16
HT 10 FP 10
DR 2
Basic Lift – 20
Basic Speed – 4.25 Basic Move – 4

Charisma – 20 +4 Persuation
Magery – 1
Gizmo – 10 +2 Items
Intuition – 15 Instinctual
Perfect Balance – 15 Bonus to not falling
Voice – 10 +2 Persuation
Patron – 5
Less Sleep – 4 -2hours sleep
Single Minded – 5 +3 Concentrate
Familiar Weasal – 2
Illuminated – 10 Visual magic auras
Mind Link – 5 Between familiar
Eidetic Memory – 5 Strong ability to recall
Racial Memory (passive) – 15 Guidance to situations

Bad Temper – 10
Curious – 5
Greed – 15
Miserliness – 10
Megalomania – 10 (Superior Intelligence) +/- 2 Liked or Disliked
Obsession – 10 (Learning More)
Sense of Duty – 5
Phantom Voices – 5
Distinctive White hair – 1

Alchemy IQ/VH 1
Research IQ/A 5
Writing IQ/A 5
Missile Weapon DX/E 3
Meditation 4
Hidden Lore – Magical Tomes/ Grimories 2
Hidden Lore – Magic Stone 2
Occultism IQ/H 2

Ilth Spoken – 3 Written – 3
Tranthian Spoken – 3 Written – 3
Goblin Spoken – -1

Lend Energy – allows FP to be stored in prepared objects for later use
Itch – Causes an itch. Subject is at -2DX until its scratched
Spasm – Causes a spasm in a selected muscle
Clumsiness – -1 to DX based skills per point invested
Tanglefoot – Subject falls down
Might – +1 Str affecting HT and Encumberance per point invested
Paralyze Limb – Paralyze a limb on touch


Tiberius was raised from a wealthy family where he was never exposed to hard work leaving him cruising the library and playing mind games with the locals, this sharpened his mind from a young age. He was later in life captured by goblins for 2years in which he often caused trouble for the other captives, in his family’s effort to find Tiberius they became poor but for no success.

Chapter 1:
Since his escape and his families demise Tiberius has dedicated himself to knowledge. So far he has found he has the flow of magic within him and has often tested it in ways causing him harm. Tiberius has learnt that some spells drain the energy from his body more than others and is growing more cautious. Tiberius’s personal goals at the moment are to find Novus Trasseler who is prophesised to “fix” tiberius as many magic users referred to him as “broken”, also Tiberius in nature has a desire to find out what each of the group heirlooms do. Since a small adventure from the groups pastron, Tiberius has taken into possession a red stone offering knowledge to him, this stone however was tainted and began to destroy him. In a stroke of luck Tiberius has found Novus Trasseler and is ready to enter a pact to not only fix him but also stop the stone from destroying him.

Chapter 2:
The pact has been agreed upon. Tiberius can only used spells from the body control sphere and cannot use these spells for self gain. Tiberius’s inability to use magic continues on and he soon learns that he now needs to learn spells before he can cast.
The party is heading to an island for exiled mages and Tiberius sees this an an oppourtunity to be taught by some of the best. A lengthy exploration of the northern castle on the island leaves him disheartened until they come across an elven girl, that Tiberius knows has magic potential. He quickly queries her about teaching him and she says Robeor on the southern part of the island would be better suited. The party heads to the southern part of the island with a group of slaves, however Tiberius walks with a certain positive skip in his step at the thought of what he is about to learn.
The party arrives at the settlement to solve the long riddle of where Illandra was. Furthermore Robeor as promised, will teach Tiberius over the course of the next month and one week they are forced to wait at the settlement. Tiberius adds numerous spells to his grimoire over this time and increases his magic ability.
Upon leaving the settlement a battle took place, which saw Robeor taken to the nine plains of desolation. This struck Tiberius hard as his most favoured mentor was taken from him. On a positive note Tiberius managed to retain Robeor’s staff, which will be of great assistance to his spell casting.

Tiberius has picked up these items of note:


Tiberius Ulanor

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