Session 2
Its easy we just kill them all and keep whatever we find.

Having met with Norhtal at the the Oratory of Hadlin and discovering a hidden past. The heroes decided to travel to Engle’s Holding and then onto Hob’s Nest where they hope to exact their revenge and find some evidence of the fate of Allandra

13th day of 3rd Naylos Second Epoch 2150:

Breaking at dawn from their camp the rag tag band of vengeance seekers made their way to the entrance of Hobs Nest. Many saplings and a number of larger trees have been cut down, much of the foliage left to moulder. The creek that trickles from the mouth of the cave is muddied and putrid. There is a smell of refuse pervading the air flowing out of the cave system.
The entrance itself is like an abyss sunk into the hill side. As if a hand of some angry earth lord struck down and shattered the rock leaving behind a crack in the earth.
Entering they the travel some way in following a natural stairway up as shafts of light play along the passage. The way is not hard and the passage is clear. But there is an increase in a stench. Trickling under foot is a seeping putrid flow. As the they crest the passage the stench is over powering. A natural pool has turned into cess pit, full of unspeakable things. Circumnavigating the sludge they make their way to what is obviously the main tunnel out of the three that branches out of the 10 foot circular cave.

Session 2 continued

Session 1
Okay now I'm here, what do you want?

Each of our heroes have received a letter by someone called Norhtal, claiming to know them. They must decide what to do with this new information

10th day of 3rd Naylos Second Epoch 2150:

the day shone brightly it was a good day to start the long preparation for the coming coldness of Nimos. Or not. The letter arrived by the 3rd hour in the grubby hands of a street urchin by the name of Arithe. A Letter Arrives. Lucky Noson decided to leave straight away taking nothing but the clothes on his back and a knife. Reollo Aedailis opted to prepare himself and start out early the next morning, his military training instilled in him a need to be organised, his weaknesses forced him to pack more food than most. Sirath Haesty came out of his cups to late in the day and decided to strike out the next day when he had a full stomach. Tiberius Ulanor needed to know more and went to the library of the Magi to determine where he needed to go. Tiberius found out that Hadlin was the Abbott of a heretical sect of Ardar. Despite this he made preparation the best he could to leave the next day.

Session 1 continued

A Letter Arrives
Excuse me but do I know you?

On the 10th day of 3rd Naylos a letter arrives from someone who you feel you should know. He claims to be an old friend. The only memory you have of Norhtal is that he was a little child who was more than a little strange. Your curiosity is roused however as Norhtal seems to know about the horrific nightmares you have been having. Dark dreams filled with creatures, darkness and a young girl who somehow makes everything else seem better than it really is. Oldest friend Despite all your misgivings about this, you are strongly drawn to respond as asked and you find yourself contemplating making a journey at the wrong time of year in order to find answers that you are not sure you have questions for.

Character Creation
Friday Nite @ Bryan's

A fantastic night was had by all on Friday.

Rus, Bryan, Wade and Callum spent 4 hours on Friday night working out the details of their characters for the fantastic campaign that Rus has organised.

It was suggested that Rus start to give us the background of the story, but, given that it was already midnight, and Ian was missing, we decided to wait…..

Awesome times ahead!!



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