Adaru was born to Yn a scarlet concubine of half elven background in the service of Yernd a powerful Tranthian slaver. For a scarlet concubine to fall pregnant was unheard of such is their talent. Yn felt that this must be a special child and hid the pregnancy for as long as she could from Yernd’s handlers, but eventually it was discovered after a client complained. The handler who was told was secretly smitten with Yn and when she pleaded with him Idlh gave in without reserve. The two of them conspired a plan to keep the secret of the pregnancy safe. Many times they were almost found out, however one way or another circumstances seemed to conspire to keep the secret. Some scholars believe that even in the womb Adaru was exerting her powers.

As the pregnancy progressed the fact of it could no longer be hidden. Yn and Idlh decided that they must flee are risk losing the unborn child, if not through forced termination, then through the child coming into slavery at birth as property of Yernd. The preparations were made and with apparent luck on their side they made good their escape.

When Yernd discovered the flight he was enraged and committed to retrieving his property and to put to death Idlh. It took two years before Yernd’s contacts discovered where Yn and Idlh were hiding. Adaru was the equivalent to a 7 year old by the time the enforcers stormed into their small two room slum. She was shoved out and up through the chimney making good her escape to life on the streets. Her powers of luck made her an adept at most anything and everything that a street urchin needed to survive, but over the next 3 years despite her growing contacts and networks she had only found out that Idlh had been executed 2 days after she was forced to flee. Of her mother the was no news or sign of life.

Then news of what was happening in the failing Ilthium Empire filtered down to the streets and Adaru knew that she must do something to help. She was then the equivalent to 20 years due to her increased growth and development. Adaru set out with a small group of followers and a not inconsiderable some of capital. She ended up saving hundreds of the fleeing Ilth from the Tranthian slavers, smuggling people from the slave markets to other lands and sourcing a small flotilla to transport many away to beyond the the Wyrmgud Spires. The second wave of the Ilth exodus was alone attributable to Adaru in no small part. There were many stories that directly attribute dire odds against the refugees fleeing and yet time and time again freedom was won in miraculous ways.

It was not until that enormous task was done that Adaru received news of her mother. She was still alive and held securely by Yernd in his personal country estate. Adaru went and visited Yernd offering an amazing sum for her release from bondage. Yernd declined. Yernd knew who Aadru and was by no means intimidated. He instead challenged Adaru to a game of chance, a particular favourite past time of his. This one however was rigged for Adaru to lose. The legal documents were written and signed. If Adaru lost she would become a bonded slave, if Yernd lost Adaru would walk away with her mother. Adaru however did not lose but won without doubt. Enraged Yernd struck down Yn killing her with one massive blow and seized Adaru.

Adaru was not held for long and fled, drawing around her the connections she had she rallied her power base and decided that that best way to destroy Yernd was to take apart his slave empire and sue for justice. This is what she did. Bit by bit over the next year and a half she lodge numerous writs based on the contract Yernd failed to up hold. The Tranthian law is complicated and design to keep those in power in power. But determination for justice drove Adaru and she drew it out until Yernd himself was destitute and sold into slavery himself as a sewer worker.

Ironically Adaru is revered by both thieves and the constabulary alike.


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