Mythology of V'harn

The Battle and the coming of the spirits.

The Three were. Ardar, Undolian and Issadur. They came and battled with the Darkness. From The Battle LonRilSar V’harn (V’harn) was created. Out of The Flow the elemental spirits walked the land and they walked the land strongly in those days. Some took up bodies to experience V’harn. The Elves were some of the first to do so, the Dwarves followed soon after. Men were one of the last of these spirits and were the weaker spirits that followed the stronger ones out of admiration and hope. They were many and flourished.

The Darkness was beaten but could not be destroyed. The Nine Planes of Desolation became its dwelling place. The Darkness in time became the horrors of the night, the denizens of the Planes of Desolation and they called out to the Darkness still in V’harn and it spawned the multitude of evil creatures that continue to fight with the other races of V’harn.

The Battle continued throughout time. The Darkness corrupted many of the spirits who had walked the land. There were wars between the races of V’harn, much blood was spent and lives lost, many of the races grew to forget where they had come from and what they once were. Humans most of all clung to “life” and time treated them poorly for their desire.

The Cabal of the Black Sun and the coming of Gargash.

In the 1899th year after the Battle, towards the end of the second Epoch, Ilthium Empire was at its height of power. From within this nation the Cabal of the Black Sun rose in strength. They sought the Darkness in their war with wizards of Gaelraith and it corrupted them entirely. The Ilth, the Council of Magi did not see the threat; they believed that they could control the Cabal of the Black Sun. They were wrong. The mages of the Cabal called upon the Darkness performing an ancient and dark ritual of summoning. The barriers between V’harn and The Planes of Desolation were torn assunder and out of The Rift came Gargash. He rent the sky, turned the water to blood and scorched the earth and the Ilthium Empire fell as the Cabal of the Black Sun joined their master. Thousands upon thousands fled in terror and many more we destroyed or enslaved.

Gargash set up a throne and challenged the Three to depose him from it.

Issadur the Shining One, the Champion of the Three came as a lightning bolt and struck Gargash. Gargash was staggered, but not beaten. The battle between them rage for 20 days. Gargash slew Issadur with his bare hands. As the light exploded out of him it was absorbed into V’harn seeded amongst the races and Gargash became the Killer of gods. Undolian raged like a storm and appeared to take revenge. Gargash uttered a terrible word and Undolian was torn assunder. As she died her rage knew no bounds, her light thundered across V’harn being absorbed into the Flow and affecting the races and the lands of V’harn in many unpredictable ways.

Then Ardar the All Father wept and V’harn mourned also.

Gargash laid waste to Ilthium Empire, cursing the All Father to face him, this was the Time of Chaos. Gargash made war on the other nations surrounding him. Gargash released the Darkness from the Planes of Desolations. Creatures from the depths stalked the night, men became monsters taken over by dark beings and the people cried out to be released.Ten years of the gnawing blackness smothered V’harnwold. From the East there came a man of dark skin but with light in his eyes no more than 20 summers old. Within him he held the Balance of the Flow. Many believed the child to be the Fleshwalker. The army of the free nations followed in his wake. The Cabal of the Black Sun amassed the creatures of Darkness and a war between the races like no other was joined. During the battle that followed masses were devoured in war. Their sacrifice was not in vain it allowed the Fleshwalker to fight his way to the Rift where the throne of Gargash sat. There the Fleshwalker confronted Gargash followed by the 20 Sons of Ves’enth who remembered the first days. They set upon Gargash staggering him back to the Rift. It was here that the Fleshwalker then assumed his four elemental form and carried Gragash into the Rift with the force of his charge sealing the Rift behind him.

Without their god the Cabal of the Black Sun buckled, their dark servants fled to the deepest and darkest places. Their destruction was far from complete however. The Cabal of the Black Sun from that day continued to be a thorn in the side of V’harnwold.

The Ascendants

Mythology of V'harn

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