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The Ilth

The people of New Ilthium general appearance is of fair skinned, dark eyed and dark hair. They tend to keep their hair short. On average they are a tall people of about 6’ – 6’3” and appeared to be stern and hard eyed to outsiders. They are however a people of deep sorrow. They are considered to be long lived among men with ages of 120 years not uncommon.

The Ilth came to New Ilthium after having fled from the Ilthium Empire, in the east on the continent of V’harnwold, due to the rise of Gargash and the Cabal of the Black Sun. These people were refugees, severely diminished in number, they were known as the remnant. Many were enslaved in their homeland or taken as slaves by the Merchant Barons of Tranth. There were two waves of the remnant. The first wave landed on the main island and established a holding at Crestwell. The second wave by agreement headed south and landed at Galdrin’s Reach. The west side of the island was colonized after 150 years after the first wave. The Capital of Fallsea was founded due to an agreed need to have a more defensible place for the Elector and the Prefecture to reside and meet.

In the 250 years since the first wave the Ilth have had to contend with hardship, learning to survive in a new land. To begin with there was constant raiding by the endemic goblinoid races found on the island. There has been war with the neighboring Brae who inhabit the other islands directly south of New Ilthium, and political attempts by foreign powers to take over the islands.


New Ilthium is an island group situated in the Shallow Sea beyond Wyrmgud Spires. It consists of the main island named Ilthium and two minor islands. The northern island is name Linerette and the southern smaller island is named Oranus.

On Ilthium there is a spine of heavily wooded high hills and mountains that run through its centre. These are affectionately called the Backbone by the people who traverse it regularly. The only reliable pass through the Backbone is Dolan’s Pass, the only other alternatives is the three to four day journey north or south around the Backbone itself. Either side of this chain of hills and mountains are plains and forests. On the eastern side of the Backbone there is an evergreen forest between Elves’ Landing and Fallsea in the north is known as Darken Wood. The smaller deciduous wood south of Fallsea is known as Tolvin’s Wood. This wood used to be a part of a larger forest, much of which still stands south of Tabott’s Corner. This forest is called by the local holdings Tall Trees. The forest south of Talgyn’s End is not named by the Ilth. On the western side there are two remnants of deciduous forests one in the north between Crestwell and Galdrin’s Reach it is referred to as the Golden Stretch. The small evergreen woods south of Wyrm’s Reach is said to be cursed and so is named the Cursed Wood.

There are two lakes on the main island. The one in the north is known as the Loch which has a major river named Iofel it runs through to the Shallow Sea through Galdrin’s Reach. The southern lake and the larger by far of the two is called Narl’s Deep, it has two rivers. One heads south through Rael’s Plain and is named Yonjael. Telpin’s Wash which is Narl’s Deep other river and runs west to the southern side of Wenlan’s Bay that Talgyn’s End sits on the north side of. There are two other rivers on Ilthium. They are both on the western side of Ilthium. Rentarch flows out of the hills across open ground to end next to Talgyn’s End. The last river thunders down from the highest peaks of the Backbone through the mountainous hills to race through to Fallsea. Its name is Krakaroc. South-East of Fallsea a half days journey is The Vale.

South of Talgyn’s End on the east side and south of Wyrm’s Reach on the western side of the island is not inhabited by the Ilth. It is known that there are a number of small Brae settlements in this area.

New Ilthium seasons are pronounced. The season of Nimos is not direly cold, but the Backbone can get very deep snows and especially cold winters will drive the snow as far down as the coast. This is rare as the Shallow Sea is relatively warm all year round and it affects the weather. Troinus, Ondulos and Naylos are quite mild and there is plenty of work to be done during these seasons as the mild nature of them provides extended growing and harvest.

Ilthium is a frontier civilisation. There are numerous small family based holdings scattered throughout Ilthium with individual populations of about 30 – 150. The holdings usually consist of 2 – 5 families known as free holders. Each family has a main trade (such a Cloth Makers, Tanners, stone workers ect) which is used to make goods needed by the holding and any excess is used for trade to get what they cannot make for themselves. All holding families know or learn how to plant/harvest crops; hunt/gather and work wood and build. There are a few holdings that have blacksmith and the like who are usually in high demand.

These family groups can be in a state of flux, as some holdings are given up and the families move back to a major holding. A small holding may not survive the winter due to being ill prepared or being raided by goblins or human bandits. A holding that was there in autumn may not be populated the following autumn.

The Major Holdings of Ilthium:
There are seven major holdings. Crestwell, Elves’ Landing, Galdrin’s Reach, Fallsea, Teseret’s Holding, Wyrm’s Reach, Talgyn’s End. Each of the major holdings has a wall that surrounds it. These walls were absolutely necessary part of surviving in the first 200 years in New Ilthium. When originally built these walls encompassed not just the buildings but also the crops and pasture required to holdout against numerous attacks or prolonged hostilities. Crestwell, Galdrin’s Reach, Teserets Holding and Fallsea all have stone walls of considerable size.

Social Stratification and Governance

The Ilth claim to be an egalitarian society. This political stance has risen out of the Ilth’s desire to not be shackled by the bonds that royalty placed upon the lower people. The king that ruled to Ilth was good but benign king who was easily swayed and influenced. He was initially made a tyrant by the Cabal of the Black Sun, he was then made a puppet. The Council of the Magi were blinded to this due to internal ructions and could not act until it was too late.

New Ilthium social stratifcation has a number of levels.



  • 1 Crown (gold)
  • 1 Mark (silver) = 1/10 Crown
  • 1 Bit (copper) = 1/25 Mark

The Mark is the currency index; all trade is conducted with the Mark as the common denominator. While coins are quite common in cities and towns, they may not be as valuable in the frontier amongst the smaller holdings that dot the landscape. In such places barter is much more common.

New Ilthium provides a number of particular products that are useful for trade by the Ilth.

  • Produce: grain crops, vegetables, fruit, hay, corn, timber, smoked fish.
  • Minerals & naturally occurring substances: salt, amber
  • Precious Metals: silver, gold – small amounts
  • Metals: copper, iron.

Foreign Relations

In the summer of the 225th year since the first wave a war erupted between the Ilth and the Brae. This occurred due to the Brae attempting to re-exert their original ownership of New Ilthium. The outcome was an uneasy truce. It exacted a terrible cost upon both the Brae and the Ilth.

There have been several attempts by Tranthian Baron Merchants to politically usurp the government of Ilthium also. These plots have been met with defeat so far.

Due to this and along with the devastation that came about due to the rise of Gargash the Ilth are isolationists. The Elector and the Prefecture have legislated that for the good of the Ilth contact with outside people is to be strictly controlled and governed. There are no foreign government representatives allowed upon New Ilthium itself. All diplomatic couriers and ambassadors are assigned to a floating islands anchored off Fallsea. There is no other human people that reside within the population of the New Ilthium. Likewise other races are a very rare occurrence also.


Most people of New Ilthium are adherents to Ardar. The High Temple found within walls of Fallsea where high days are observed. In the other major holdings simple gatherings are had, usually led by the holding priest, when a procession is asked for. Especially devout citzens trek to Fallsea once a year to attend the turning to Tronius. There are also devotees of Aelo in large number. There are rumors that there are adherents to the Darkness within the larger cities.

Secret Societies

There are rumored to be a number of secret societies within New Ilthium. Not much is known about some of these others are well known but not spoken about for fear of being associated with them. The guilt of possible association is all that is needed sometimes to ruin a person.

New Ilthium

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