Norhtal's dream 3

Something is just bothering him too much for him to ignore and all he wants to do is roll over and go. He opens his eyes and realises that he is not in his bed, but lying atop a huge pile of Naylos leaves. Snuffling at his ear is the huge white stag from his previous dream.

Is he dreaming?

The stag snorts and trots away, briskly. Norhtal scrambles to his feet to follow and the animal charges off with him in pursuit. However this time he is unable to keep up, his feet sluggish and wooden. The stag stops, snorting impatiently, stamping its foot. The same scene is repeated a number of times. A voice comes from close by. “This will never do, find the singer. She will connect you to my nature.”

Norhtal then wakes up.

Norhtal's dream 3

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