Not feeling like myself...

After having a confrontation with Arkazul, the heroes travelled southwards towards the Burial Mound of Talgaleth. They encountered an insane fey and an epic battle ensued, wherein the heroes came out victorious but Reollo and Sirath were seriously injured as a result.

22nd day of 3rd Nimos Second Epoch 2151

Tiberius having been awake for a number of hours studying waits as the rest of the group wakes with the sun. As Reollo and Sirath wake they realize that their wounds have healed, another unexplained instance.

Breaking fast and then breaking camp the heroes move off slowly to the burial mound. After several hours of travelling they emerge out of the woods and from their elevated position can look down upon a vista of the burial mound of Talgaleth situated within a small sea of smaller burial mounds. The mound of Talgaleth itself is well over 200’ in size. The whole complex covers about a half mile in total.

Winding their way through the smaller mounds takes some time, there appears to be no order to the actual placement of the burial mounds themselves. A disorganized muddle of burying the dead. The vices in Tiberius’ mind swell louder than normal and he “remembers” this place. Talgaleth was the last great warlord of the Brae on the island. This island in particular suffered the most during the Brae and Hob war. The site of the burial mounds was where the last final and most blood battle was fought of that war. It was here that Talgaleth and his people were defeated wholesale, destroyed by the hordes of hobs. Talgaleth and his people were buried by the Brae from the islands to the south, a massive task for so few that were left.

A feeling of gravity settles upon the group and they walk on finally coming to the edge of the largest mound. There is some debate about how to gain entry and it is finally agreed to stay together and walk the circumference of the mound. As they proceed around the mound they find a number of small entries, none of them suitable for entry, having either collapsed or being too small. Then on the other side of the mound facing the sea over a wide plain of grass they find what seems to be a suitable entrance. It sits in a cut away, partially sheltered by the elements. Stones reinforce the cut away drawing attention to the door way a simple affair of two huge stone slabs topped by a lintel. On the lintel itself is writing in Brae and along the stones are murals of figures that seem to be people.

After a few moments trying to work it out Tiberius determines that words are “Brae are not the same.” and then after a few more moments an alternative interpretation becomes evident. It could also be read as “Be Brae or not the same.” The figures in the murals either side of the doorway show three distinct individual figures on one side of the doorway, then the same three figures in a different order. Tiberius scrutinizing the door way realizes that there is something magical about it as well, however he can not tell exactly what it is. Lucky in the meantime has decided that he has waited long enough and crosses the threshold. Reollo follows, then Sirath and lastly Tiberius not seeing anything terrible happening to the others follows as well.

As Tiberius crosses the threshold there is a sense of overwhelming disorientation for all of them. Reollo realizes that he is in fact looking at the back of Lucky, Sirath and himself. Sirath finds himself standing closer to the front of the group feeling shorter. Tiberius now standing in the front of the group and Lucky feeling bigger than normal found himself looking at the back of his own head. When all was finally sorted Tiberius found himself in Lucky’s body, no luckier than before, Reollo was now inhabiting Tiberius’ body, but could not cast magic, Sirath found himself in Reollo’s body, still able to fight and Lucky was still lucky but in a bigger body. Debating whether to turn around and leave, they agreed to swap weapons and the like and continue instead.

Travelling further into the burial mound they came across another doorway opening out into a round room beyond. Across from them stands another doorway. As the last of them enters the room the door slams shut. There is a clanking sound in the walls, wheels on the walls start to spin and a sound of rushing water increases in volume. Just as the water sound could not get any louder, the wheels stop spinning and gaps in the walls open and huge volumes of water start gushing out of them. As the water starts sloshing around the heroes ankles they run through the other untested doorway, through short connecting corridor into another round room. Taking stock of the room they see a round device in the centre of the floor. On first glance it looks like a drainage cover, however on a further hurried inspection oddly enough the device is slightly raised rather than being lowered indicating its not for draining. As the water rapidly rises flowing through from the other room, they find two slotted grooves on either side of the device. Deducing that if they insert something in through these grooves then they may be able to turn the device. Slotting in two spears they then push with all of their strength as the water rises above their ankles. The device moves as they push it clockwise. There is a cracking sound from the next room and water suddenly flows through the door way in a wave sloshing in the room rising to their thighs. Hurriedly they push and pull the device anti-clockwise until something clicks and the sound of water rushing slows and then stops.

Sodden, but not treading water at least, the heroes take stock of where they are. Looking around the room they realize that the round room has a 20’ ceiling and that 10’ up the wall is a cleverly hidden door. In discussing how to deal with this new obstacle they decide that Tiberius/Lucky can stand on the shoulders of Lucky/Tiberius to inspect the door. Tiberius then determines that the door is trapped and like to be trapped with an electrical trap. Realizing that if this trap was triggered that it would electrocute everyone in the room. Going back to square one they then put Sirath’s skill as a mason to work and they go about removing some of the large blocks from the walls to construct a make shift staircase. With few setbacks, one of which caused a small landslide into the chamber creating a large amount of slurry in the room, the staircase was finished. Tiberius then climbed the staircase. He then struck the door with the staff of Robeor, hoping it would not conduct the charge in the trap. With relief the traps magical power harmlessly charged the empty reservoirs in the stone atop of the staff. The door then opened without a fuss at all. The rest of the group clambered up the make shift staircase following the corridor on the other side of the previously trapped doorway. This corridor twists and turns a few times before it tumbles them out into what they sense to be a cavern of huge proportions.

This cavern is much darker than is warranted; the darkness seems to swallow the light carried by the heroes, so much so that it is difficult to see anything but a short distance in front of them. Then coming towards them they see what appears to be floating skull glowing with its own mysteriously arcane light. The skulls as it comes closer opens it bony mandibles and lets out a ear splitting screech that echoes out through the cavern. Ears ringing and in pain from the sound they leap into action, after a brief struggle Lucky/Sirath bags the vile thing and smashes it repeatedly into the floor. Once done and they get their bearings they realize that through the gloom towards the east they can see the corner of what appears to be a building. Approaching this building they find a door and gain entry. Inside is a collection of furniture with moulding and rotting clothes and material hanging off them. In the middle of the room is a table like structure that has a sliver torc and two silver rings. At the food of this table rest a small chest. It is deduced that the table is a funerary table, which is empty. The chest holds a mix of silver and gold coins. A further search is made and Lucky/Sirath finds a quiver of finely made arrows. Tiberius/Lucky finds a scroll that protects from acid. Nothing of further interest turns up and the other door leads to another room with a row on mummified hounds, inanimate.

Stopping for a moment the heroes decide that to proceed would be to stick to cavern wall and work their way around until they can figure out how to get more light onto the cavern. Heading back out the move westward to the cavern wall. They find a doorway built into the side of the mound. Entering in they find another room set up much like the last build with furniture and the funerary table. Searching through this room they find three javelins which Lucky/Sirath takes, studded leather and a small shield which Tiberius/Lucky takes. Choosing an exit from this room they enter another room to be confronted by an ethereal creature carrying a very large sword. The spirit turns and attacks in a blur of speed but not connecting with anyone. Lucky/Sirath stabs out with one of the javelins and as he hits it ice coats the weapon blasting deep into the shades wavering form. Reollo/Tiberius lashes out and finds that he only connects with sword and not his axe despite both of them apparently hitting home. Sirath/Reollo scatters more of its essence. Tiberius/Lucky finding that he can not get close enough to affect any physical attack and coming to the realization that the majority of his spells will not affect the shade backs out of the room and goes to look at another door that is yet to be explored. Through the door he finds a red orb hanging suspended in the air. Not being able to help himself he places his hand on it and becomes slightly disoriented by the fact that he partially seeing through the eyes of his own body again. The others quickly dissipate the shades form and Tiberius/Lucky calls for the others. He tells them to place their hands on the orb together and surprisingly they do so without question. The orb glows brighter and then the red light blinks out. Tiberius in his own body attempts to catch before it fades without success. The others just glad to be back in their own bodies again.

The next thing they notice is that the un-natural darkness seems to have dissipated also. Tiberius searches around some more and finds two flasks of what he determines to be drafts of strength imbuement. Sirath picks up a suit of scale mail that has four lapis lazuli embedded in it to replace his much battered light scale suit.

Moving back out into the main cavern the preternatural darkness has indeed gone. The ceil in fact glows softly with moss and lichens. Now it can be seen that around the edges of the cavern are quite a number of other doorways to other possible burial rooms and out in the middle of the cavern are other buildings like containing more burial rooms. Moving to one of these buildings to the south-east they allow Tiberius to scout the rooms inside first. Inside he finds six undead creatures their flesh nearly past rotting off their bones. Also inside the various furniture and the funerary table. On the table there is a gold ring Tiberius believes to be worth a small fortune. On a small desk a scroll made of vellum. Tiberius returns and tells the others of the zombies and states that it would be worth while taking care of them. Reollo and Sirath enter the room and quickly smear the zombies about the walls, leaving Tiberius in their wake to collect the ring and the scroll, which turned out be a scroll of explosive fireball.

From there they decided to move north-east to another building, still moving their way towards the centre of the cavern. Carefully entering this building they found it empty of threats, but still with the obligatory furniture and chest of coins. Searching the rooms they found a suit of chain mail, a helmet chased in gold, a large shield and a fine spear. Reollo shows a momentary interest in the helmet but discards it stating he can do without it. Once finished the heroes open a door out of the building facing east. Looking through this doorway the heroes see a stream runs through the centre of the cavern, crossed by two bridges upon each one a floating skull is situated. Beyond that there is a raise dais upon which are clustered a group figures that are not easily discernable from the gloom and distance.

Not feeling like myself...

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