Sirath's dream 2

Sirath awakens with a start. He open you eyes and realises that he is in a clearing of an ancient forest, gnarled oaks, sweeping ash, the pale bark of the silver birch. In the middle of the clearing a massive oak stands and at its base huddled over a dying fire is a man of huge proportions. He beckons Sirath with a muscular arm covered in swirling patterns. One standing out from all the rest the down turned crescent moon over the paw of a bear. Sirath realises this is Kagyn the ascendent. Sirath walks to where he sits and Kagyn offers him a drink and a place by the fire. A noise rumbles from his chest as he speaks “The darkness is coming to crush us all, the hollow man comes to prepare the way for the end. The darkness will crush us all, aye even the very great such as I. A champion is needed, will you champion my cause?”

Sirath stares at Kagyn and shakes his saying that he does not know what he means.

Kagyn looks at Sirath shakes his head slightly and seems to say to no-one in particular. “Brother, maybe you are right he is not ready, not the one. Could the destiny placed on this one be too great?”

He then turns to Sirath shifting his weight to standing and as he rises Sirath realises that he is about a foot taller than he is. He speaks “Are you not a warrior? Are you not a man of rage? Do you not know who your enemy is? The hollow man. The one who walks with the name Arkazul.” He spits the name as if acid. “I need a man whose destiny is laid upon him to be my champion in the things to come. It is never by chance that you are who you have become and have been through what you have.” He reaches forward and grabs your shoulder in brotherly shake. “Be what you are supposed to be, seize it. Will you?”

Inwardly chastising himself for his slowness of intellect, yet never one to back down from a challenge, Sirath looks Kagyn directly in the eyes and says “Yes, I will be your champion!!”.
Kagyn looks deep into his eyes and says “We will see boy, we will see.” Then Sirath awakens with a start and its morning.

Sirath's dream 2

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