Sure I have a new tattoo but I am not going back in there & excuse me would you like a breath mint?

18th day of 3rd Nimos Second Epoch 2151

Reollo and Sirath wake up 8 hours later, healed. They have vague recollections of meeting someone, being told something but cannot quite remember what it was or for what reason. They light a fire to warm themselves by after collect a small amount of drift wood and discuss between themselves how they are not willing to try and enter the tower if that means going through the shadowy veil surrounding it. Taking time to take further stock of themselves, to wash and recuperate they notice that on themselves and each other they have what appear to iridescent tattoos on them in the devise of the ascendants. Reollo bearing the mark of Krolros on his right shoulder and Sirath has Kagyn’s mark across his chest.

Meanwhile Lucky and Tiberius, search the lower floor and find nothing of interest. Tiberius makes the decision to scout out the next floor and changes into his shadow form as granted by his heirloom pendant. He goes up stairs and slips into a room straight ahead of him after entering an antechamber, ignoring the two side rooms. He sees a large Annis and three shadowy figures. They do not react to him, Tiberius however is unsettled by feeling so vulnerable and unsure of his current abilities leaves and goes back down stairs to tell Lucky what he has seen. They both decide that it is a good idea to go out and check on the health of Reollo and Sirath. As they step out of the tower they see near the jetty Reollo and Sirath conscious sitting around a camp fire.

Lucky starts a discussion about all of them going into the tower. Reollo and Sirath are certainly not interested, not being in a hurry to almost die for a second time in the space of a day. They do however explain that they feel fully healed and they have ascendant marks. Lucky asks them did they not have them all along, at least since having been on Oranus? Both say no. Tiberius says that he has had his has had his since Tabott’s corner. Lucky confirms that he has had his since Oranus. Reollo is still not convinced by their words. Lucky then explains his discussion with Adaru previously. Reollo reluctantly agrees, Sirath is more than happy now to give it ago. Reollo makes sure Sirath goes in before him just to wait and see if anything happens to him.

Finding now that they have no ill effects of entering the shadowy veil the heroes prceed through the ground floor level up to the next level. They decide to listen at the doors in the anteroom. Lucky takes the right door, Reollo takes the centre door and Tiberius takes the left door. Just as Tiberius presses his ear to the door a shadow slips through the door crack and attacks him. He feels a gripping tiredness tear through him and the shadows appendage passes into him. He stumbles back. Lucky goes into waiting stance, waiting anything coming through the other two doors. Tiberius in response to being attacked goes into his shadow form. Reollo steps in to the fight and attacks the shadow having trouble coming to grips with not being able to kill the thing easily. The shadow attacks Tiberius again and drains more energy away from him. Tiberius falls unconscious and then due to this changes back to his corporeal form. Reollo attacks again, barely harming the shadow. Sirath attacks it with little affect. The shadow attacks Reollo draining energy out of him also. Reollo retaliates and finally coming to grips with the creature hurts it significantly enough forcing it to flee through the door crack it came through.

As Lucky watches another shadow emerges from the door crack of the centre door. At the same time the door opens and the Annis fills the door frame. The shadow moves to attack Reollo and Sirath.
Lucky launches himself at the Annis and stabs it in the upper chest. The Annis then grapples Lucky capturing him in its claws. Lucky is held so close he discovers that he cannot bring Zephyr to bare with any affect. The Annis then rends him causing some concerning wounds to his arms. Lucky attempts to break free and fails against the demon’s vastly superior strength. Sirath charges at the Annis and attacks damaging one of its arms. Lucky tries to free himself again and succeeds in breaking free.

Reollo quickly deals with the shadow and is almost utterly drained after the encounter. He then moves to attack the Annis and the Annis breathes out a noxious gas enveloping Lucky, Sirath and Reollo. There immediate reaction to hold their breath however fortunately saves them from ill effects. Then between them they finish off the Annis with a few well placed blows. At this point Tiberius regains consciousness seriously weakened, but able to stand after a short moment of rest.

They them check the rooms behind the doors. The right room is a kitchen of sorts, blood and gore cover most surfaces, scraps of meat and entrails lay about the floor. The left room is a mostly empty storeroom with nothing of interest in it, and the centre room is the quarters of the Annis. They toss the bed find three hardened leather casks. Tiberius tests them and discovers draught that restores a person’s energy and the other two healing are healing potions of sorts. Tiberius finishes off half of the energy restoring draught leaving the rest for Reollo.

The heroes then decide to rest for a moment and then continue up the stairs to the next level.

Sure I have a new tattoo but I am not going back in there & excuse me would you like a breath mint?

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