That guy was one really tough nut, now to go and get ourselves into some trouble.

22nd day of 3rd Naylos Second Epoch 2150

Lucky was completely stunned when Andelin reacted with frustration instead of being intimidated. Andelin asked what it was they wanted. Lucky said they just wanted to know why their heirlooms were late in being given to them. Andelin shook his head and as the lift had reached the docks he stepped off. He told the heroes that he was the Overseer of the Repository he did not take care of the day to day running of it. But just to get them off his back and stop their crying he would look into it. Come and see him in a two day.

At a loss the heroes conferred on what they would do next. They decided Tiberius would go to the Library of the Magi. A place he was very familiar with having worked there on and off. He would go and see what he could find about their heirlooms.

Lucky, Reollo and Sirath then head down into the under galleries following through on the rumour that there is fighting going on there. The rumours further suggest that there is another group trying to move in the territory of Mistress Sneak’s Alliance. Lucky knows more about this side of Fallsea than the others, but he still is at a loss as to where to find the front for the alliance. As they move through the under galleries Lucky notices that they are being followed. They devise an ambush. Lucky stepping into a deep doorway Reollo and Sirath quickly walk around a corner. The person following dashes past to keep up and Lucky grabs them. Lucky receives a fist to the jaw for his trouble and the person swinging stops and stares. Lucky looking down recognizing the young man as Arithe an orphan street kid that he knows from growing up. Arithe apologises and backs up into Reollo and Sirath.

Lucky asks Arithe why he was following them. Arithe is reluctant to say why but after a while he says that he was asked to by someone. Arithe is tired, dirty, dejected and hungry. Lucky suggests that they take Arithe to the halfing compound and get him fed. This they do. The hot breakfast loosens Arithe’s tongue somewhat and he disclosure with much apparent anxiety that he has been asked by the alliance to shadow them. Under further questioning he reveals that the alliance operates out of a certain house in the weaver’s street in the under galleries. They when finished head their way to this house. lucky devises that he needs his cloak fix so that will be their cover story. On the way they realise that Arithe is no longer with them.

Meanwhile Tiberius has gained entry to the Library of the Magi. He starts his search in the main area looking for any information regarding the heirlooms. He has almost immediate success and finds some minor references to the artisan mages of the Ilthium Empire and they had wrought wondrous items, many of them common place and everyday ones. Further searching reveals a catalogue of items which makes reference to The Silver Horse and The Salamander but nothing more. Tiberius then decides that he must get access to the restricted section of the library on the second floor. Tiberius approaches the elderly clerk that has school him in research and pours on the charm. Tiberius is given admittance to the second floor as if he could do no wrong.

Lucky, Reollo and Sirath find themselves before an ordinary house in the street of weavers. Lucky bangs on the closed door. No answer. He bangs again and a spy hole opens and a rough voice says from behind the door “what is it you want?” Lucky explains he wants his cloak fixed. The voice says that they do not fix clothes here, it is house and go away. Lucky pushes on asking really if they could just come in then maybe they could help with the cloak. Silence. Lucky keeps talking and then stops. The voice states with some menace that they should really go away now. Lucky then says they are looking for people who and do things that normal aren’t above board. The voice humphs and the spy hole closes and in a second the sound of locks and the like opening can be heard. Then the door swings wide open and the doorway is a black pit showing nothing inside. The voice says from within “Come in”

Meanwhile Tiberius starts rifling through the various texts and books. He has never been allowed on the second floor by himself before and he is keenly aware that Beldrin may come down the stairs and find him. Not just by himself but also with a clear taint of the Ilth burning blood of magic being activated. In short order Tiberius finds a text that discusses the heirlooms. It states that these items had common everyday uses. The Salamander was usually not just a cloak pin but also a lighter, the Silver Horse was also not just a cloak pin but could also be animated to run around as a toy for amusement. The text also states that there were sometimes special editions of these items that a number of magical abilities, but they required certain knowledge to activate them. That information was however not in Fallsea but in the Library of the Magi in Talgyn’s End. Tiberius also found something out about the dice that Lucky received. The only mention was a short warning that anything that these dice wrought was capricious and dangerous. Tiberius could find nothing about his amulet however. Tiberius then turns to other areas of knowledge namely the histories of the Skaarwyrmgud, codex on Heretics and aberrant magics.

In the pitch dark Lucky, Reollo and Sirath stand still as the door behind them closes shut. What follows is a scary moment. The voice asking questions moving around the room wanting to know what they are there for, the heroes never knowing exactly where the voice is. The voice questions their motives for being there and suggests they are up to no good. Reollo final states that they have heard of the fighting and are seeking a solution, even to help if needed. Lucky continues without success to convince the voice that they mean no harm, that he grew up in the under galleries. The voice now right in front of Lucky says he knows who he is and that is part of the problem. The lights come on and they are surround by about ten masked men with their weapons pointed at them. The man who has been talking tells them to put their weapons down on the floor. After a tense moment they comply and the man retrieves the knife that Lucky tried to hide. The man insinuates that the heroes have something to do with the recent violence claiming that it is more than coincidence that the attacks start when Lucky left Fallsea. Lucky says that it ain’t so and tells the tale of their time away. Telling the man to check their references. The man seems satisfied.

He invited them back to his quarters. The other men left.

Meanwhile Tiberius has read through listings regarding the Cabal of the Black Sun, the Black Circle and then finds a list of known heretics. It is in this list that Tiberius finds a reference to Novus Trasler with a mark next to it indicating that this person is related to Yada Inaria.

The man introduces himself as Mr Shady. That he is the local leader of the alliance. He does what he does and no one gets in his way usually. Lately some people have. Making themselves comfortable in a luxurious room, Mr Shady pulls a bell cord and young girl appears and he tells her to bring drinks. It started with one or two members just vanishing and later turning up at the bottom of the Krakaroc Falls. Mr Shady said that he did not know who they were, they are never caught alive or they leave no one behind and they are definitely not from Fallsea. Then it was ambushing fair fights equal numbers, then it was two to one their way, now it is three to one their way. Mr Shady had lost three quarters of his crew, the ones here were all that were left. Mr Shady says that he needs outside help to deal with this but reinforcements from Teseret’s Holding and Tabott’s Corner are too far away and would not make it in time if the messengers got through, if those holding are not having the same problems.

The heroes confer and decide that it isn’t their issue that its not their business. Mr Shady grins an evil grin and says well I’d be happy for it to be know on your way out that you had been made part of my crew and I would like to see how long you last out there in the current climate. Thusly blackmailed the heroes reconsidered the offer and took Mr Shady up on it. To help out to follow some of his crew and see if they can capture a member of the other group. The drinks come Tranthian fire wine, completely illegal but amazingly good. They toast to the new venture. Mr Shady tells them that Arithe will be of help and then shows them an escape tunnel that twists and winds opening up on a alcove in the Potter’s way. There standing across the way looking at them is Arithe looking quite abashed. With Arithe Lucky, Reollo and Sirath go and look for Tiberius to retire for the night.

That guy was one really tough nut, now to go and get ourselves into some trouble.

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