The Ascendants


The Ascendants are not gods; they are the immortal manifestation of Issadur’s life force that was scattered throughout the continent of V’harnwold and the surrounding islands when he was killed by Gargash. In the terrible years during the Time of Chaos it is thought that they were born amongst the various races of V’harn. They grew and learned at an astonishing rate, by the time they were 10 summers old they were comparable, if not more so, than most others of their race at maturity. During and after the Time of Chaos the Ascendants slowly made their presence know amongst the races.

After the Ascendants manifested and ascended into their immortal natures various cults sprang up dedicated to them and their spheres of influence. These followers are known as devotees. Mostly the devotees comprise of informal groups who gather together on days seen to be special to their Ascendant, such as the date of their birth, the date of their ascension, dates when they perform particularly special actions. Over time they have grown to become more organised with loose structures of leadership. Most Ascendants do not have a centralised place of worship with their devotees maintaining simple neighbourhood grotos.

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The Ascendants

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