The Dark Spirits-beings

These are the primal manifestations of the darkness themselves, the residents of The Nine Planes of Desolation. They come in four known types:

1. Possessing spirits – These beings do not have the ability to bring a corporeal form or even their essence to V’harn through a rift or the weak places in the planes of desolation without possessing a being of V’harn to be able to enter V’harn. In the nine planes they are usually very powerful beings in their own right, as the strength of essence required to maintain possession is very high. One such being is an ancient foe of V’harn Arkazul.

2. Corporeal beings – These creatures of darkness can be utterly terrifying. They in some way, whether through a rite or sheer force of will have dragged their essence and being through a rift or weak place in between the nine planes and V’harn. These beings burn out rather quickly and are usually summoned to fulfil a task taking a time limit. They will not deviate from the task, usually bound to the will of the one summoning them. Although if the summoner should show any weakness then they are devoured or destroyed without thought. Those that manifest by their own sheer will are truly terrifying, they are generally speaking very powerful and have a definite purpose in mind, nothing will deter them from it. Such a beings are Drelnochs and Annis.

3. Manifest spirits – these spirits are usually the weakest of all the Darkness spirits. They they are malicious and have many and varied powers to harm and hurt, but unless they concentrate in great numbers they can normally do no more than be a highly dangerous nuisance. Such beings are imps and mephits.

4. Sendings – Sendings are dark spirits bound to a construct endowing it with highly dangerous capabilities. The priest or mage creates a host body for the spirit using whatever they like, although most prefer to use the combination of dead bodies. An example of this would a bear body with three horse heads attached and some squid tentacles for good measure. These sendings are then generally sent against a foe of the creator. If a sending should prove too powerful to defeat, then killing the sending’s creator will end the spirit’s attachment to V’harn.

The Dark Spirits-beings

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