The Hag is black, now pink & We have got it now its time to go.

18th day of 3rd Nimos Second Epoch 2151

The heroes ascend to the next floor. Opening the door from the stair case they are confronted by a 20’ x 20’ room. Directly across the room outlined in a single door open, is what they recognise as a black hag. A terror from their childhood horror tales. Creatures of evil black hags steal children in the dead of night to eat them. To their left and right are two doors in each wall, through the open door ways, past the four large bluish/green ogre like creatures with long spears they can see in each room another four of the creatures with long spears.

All of the blue ogre like creatures have their long spears levelled and stand waiting.
Reollo goes left Sirath goes right, they both run into trouble with the long spears of their opponents. When they attempt to engage with their opponents they are attacked with savage thrusts and stopped short having to defend themselves. The creatures then take a step backwards, again placing themselves out of reach. Reollo and Sirath find themselves in a dangerous position. They worked their way far enough into the room to allow the creatures in the doorways of the first set of rooms to now move up behind them. Lucky uses Grey Death to plant an arrow into the clavicle of the black hag. The hag then casts a sleep spell on Tiberius to which he succumbs.
One of the ogre like creatures that is larger than the others takes aim and fires a heavy crossbow at Reollo and misses, then goes to reload.

Lucky, at this time, recognising the increasingly dire nature of their situation pulls out Silver Gambit calling on its power. For a moment nothing seems to happen, then the ogre like creatures turn purple instead of being their normal blue colour and the black hag turns pink. They appear mostly indifferent to outcome and battle on.

Bright Eyes attempts to wake up Tiberius, who shakes off his slumber without being stunned and casts a spell causing the now pink hag to fall face down driving the shaft of Lucky’s arrow deeper into its chest. Sirath and Reollo attempt to engage the now purple creatures again. They are again rebuffed. Reollo suffering a minor wound for his troubles. This places them even further in the room and the creatures from the first set of side rooms attempt to advance out through the door ways to surround them. One gets tangled with their long spear coming through the doorway. Both of the creatures already engaged with Reollo and Sirath advancing on them, to which the larger creature with the crossbow barks a command, clearly a reprimand. Reollo however takes an opportunity for to dodge past and attack with fury, causing some serious injury and that opponent slips into unconsciousness. The creature behind it in the room advances out. Reollo then turns and attacks the creature that became tangled in the other door on side of the room, shearing through its chest.

The hag is making some spells like noises as it gains a kneeling position, looking at Tiberius. Lucky fires another arrow at the hag as it gains a kneeling position, leaving another arrow protruding from its chest, its spell ruined. Tiberius uses again casts the same spell as before and the hag falls down on the arrows causing further damage.

Meanwhile Sirath likewise attacks the emerging creature from the barracks doorway. Puts it down and as the one that he was originally engaged with moves forward, Sirath blocks the long spear out of the way and slices through its chest. The rest of the battle plays out with similar tactics, with Reollo finally figuring out that attacking the long spears themselves renders the attack and withdraw tactics much less effective. Tiberius aids here causing at least two of the creatures to fall over. Sirath finally comes in hand to hand combat with the larger creature whilst fending off two others and methodically dispatches them with deadly swings of his sword. Reollo cuts a swathe of destruction on the other side of the room following up with killing the hag.

After this exhausting battle the heroes decide it is best to rest for a time and stay in the antechamber. After close to 20 minutes they hear loud footsteps on the stairs and they decide to set up an ambush against whoever is coming down the stairs. Reollo and Sirath either side of the door. Lucky and Tiberius stationing themselves in a doorway across front the entry door. Lucky aims Greydeath ready to release the string at the first notice of the door opening. Tiberius readies himself with a spell.

The footsteps keep getting louder and stop on the landing. At this point Tiberius realises that there is a shadow stealing in through the window of the room he is in. He attempts to attack is with his spear but misses. He then sends Bright eyes to intercept. Also at the same time from the other rooms off the antechamber slink similar shadowy forms racing to attack Lucky, Reollo and Sirath. Lucky unaware of this still focuses on the closed door as it opens and crowding the frame is the largest ogre like creature they have seen so far stand well over 8 foot in height, it starts to move in the room with a large knife in its hand. Lucky releases his arrow it streaks across the room and the creature merely sways to the side and the shaft shatters in the stair well.

Reollo and Sirath realise that they are beset from behind turn and face their foes. Reollo tears the shadow apart in three quick successive attacks, Sirath tangles with his for a short period longer and then finishes of his shadow. Lucky is forced to drop his bow and engage in hand to hand with the shadow advancing on him. He takes a few moments and despite its super natural defences he is able to dispatch it neatly.

Meanwhile Tiberius struggles with the shadow he is facing, using Bright eyes as a foil to keep it away from him. Tiberius casts a spell to tangle the feet of the ogre like creature, it falls flat on its face. The shadow cannot land a blow on Bright eyes leaving Tiberius to attack it with impunity. Tiberius eventually wears down the shadow using his staff. As the ogre like creature gains its hands and knees Reollo spins around and lands three quick blows, beheading its, carving through its upper back and almost eviscerating its mid section entirely through.

Once again after resting for period of time the heroes head on up the stairs.

As the stairs end the heroes come out into a large room, semi-circular in shape. It takes up fully one half of the upper level’s floor space. In the middle of the room is a black stone block topped with a brass contraption, which appears to be a spinning circular cradle, that is interconnected. In the middle of the cradle a black cube hangs suspended by no visible means.

As they move into the room Tiberius has the feeling that they are not alone, something is in the room but his eyes just cannot focus on it. Lucky feels the same but to a lesser degree. Reollo and Sirath do not feel anything amiss at all. After scanning the room for a moment a figure steps out from the shadows that are behind the contraption. The figure is a tall, beautiful, dusky skinned woman with evident demonic features. Tiberius recognises the being as a demonette, not normally seen in V’harn as they do not possess the strength on their own to pass through barriers between the nine planes and V’harn. She shows undisguised interest in Tiberius’ amulet saying that she means no harm and just wants to go on her way. Her attention on the amulet piques Tiberious’ interest and he asks if it is something known to her. She agrees that it is and she will tell you if the heroes let her go. Tiberius considers this, but askes what else she is willing to trade. The demonette infers that men only think of one thing.

The heroes then debate as to what to do with the demonette. Sirath and reollo are all for ending its existence right there and then. Lucky states that it has not been aggressive or attacked them and Tiberius agrees for his own obvious reasons. Lucky asks the demonette what her motives are and what she will do with her freedom? The demonette convincingly says that she just wants to live and left alone. Lucky extracts a promise that she will not work for the destruction of V’harn. The demonette agrees. All of them agree to let the deomonette go on these conditions. They ask her to remain with them until they have retrieved the cube so she cannot steal their boat.

They then have a conversation about the contraption. They question the demonette about it. The demonette indicates she has no idea about it as she has been in the tower for only a short time by her reckoning and has not been allowed out of the upper level. The heroes decide to use Earthcleaver’s ability to turn rock into earth and they carve away at the base revealing an intricate array of cogs and wheels feeding up into the contraptions cradle. After looking at the intricate workings for a while they realise that by all laws of reasoning the cradle does not necessarily require the cogs to function and that the inner workings are overly intricate. However they also deduce that these inner working have been protected by the rock encasing it and so must be important in some way. To remedy this they decide to jam something into to the mechanism and Lucky goes to find something from the level below. Tiberius impatiently just jams a spare knife into the cogs. in doing so he catches a cog on his cheek as it flies out of the inner workings and Sirath standing behind is able to block the flying debris on his shield.

At that moment there is a tearing and popping sound. The gloom that has pervaded the tower dissipates and the heroes realise that the demonette is no longer in the tower having vanished. The spinning cradle then slows down and collapses, the black cube falling into the remains of the cradle. Tiberius scoops it up into one of his empty sacks. Through the sack he can tell that it is heavier than it should be for its size and feels very cold.

The heroes then make their way down the stairs to go outside. As they exit the tower there are two things that they notice. Firstly Reollo realises that there has been no time lapse at all from when they had entered the tower. Secondly sitting at the fire made by Reollo and Sirath is a cloaked figure. The figure stands up and as it does so and starts to pull back its hood Lucky realises that this is Arkazul and Reollo realises that it is Brosphor. However it is Arkazul that says to them “Give me the cube or your friend is dead.”

The Hag is black, now pink & We have got it now its time to go.

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