Session 7

That guy was one really tough nut, now to go and get ourselves into some trouble.

Previously having witnessed the resurrection of Iaral, the heroes return to Fallsea with their charges. Back in the bustling city Lucky confront a supernatural serial killer, the heroes hear many rumours and they follow then confront the person in charge of their family heirlooms

22nd day of 3rd Naylos Second Epoch 2150

Lucky was completely stunned when Andelin reacted with frustration instead of being intimidated. Andelin asked what it was they wanted. Lucky said they just wanted to know why their heirlooms were late in being given to them. Andelin shook his head and as the lift had reached the docks he stepped off. He told the heroes that he was the Overseer of the Repository he did not take care of the day to day running of it. But just to get them off his back and stop their crying he would look into it. Come and see him in a two day.

Session 7 continued



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