I have a dream, eh what's that a Dragon? Do we get to kill it?

5th day of 1st Nimos Second Epoch 2150

The party having discovered an escape tunnel in the blasted ruins of a building in the Brae ruin. Lucky volunteers to venture down the tunnel. Looking down the shaft Lucky sees a ladder and stepping down about 10’ comes to a crawl size tunnel. About 15’ along Lucky hears amd feels a rumble and a sizeable amount of dusty and debris spews up the tunnel over him. Lucky continues until it is clear that there is no way past the cave in.

Without much else to do the party of heroes decides turn in for the night. During the night each hero has a dream. Reollo’s dream is different to Lucky’s dream, which is different to Tiberius’ dream and Sirath’s dream if different again. The one thing in common that these were not normal dreams.

6th day of 1st Nimos Second Epoch 2150

As they all rise in the morning the dawn is etching its way across the wide open sky. The sun is still obscured by the massive peak of G’zakthanx rising from the east. From this vantage point it throws a corona of mauve and silver around the peak, crowning it with a glorious display that surely could not be an accident. The path way to the mining holding winds its way up the ever increasing slope, heading into the lightening shadow of their destination.

An hour ago the party left the tree line and only small bushes and grasses breaking the rocky terrain. As they come closer to the holding the pathway narrows and starts to switch back on itself a number of times, the slow crawl for this last part of the journey takes another 3 hours. Before they party can see that the track comes out onto a plateau. It is some half a mile wide and quarter mile deep. Set in the middle is the holding which has three watch towers set into the walls and two large buildings with the complex. The entrance to the holding is through a gated tunnel through the closest tower to where the party is coming from. As the party draws closer they can see a huddle of five men are ready to meet them at the holding entrance.

A man short stocky man with dark eyes and hair steps forward and indifferently introduces himself as Rondolf the master miner and holding master.

The party explains why they have come, at the request of Iaral Naemirund. Rondolf begrudgingly invites them in to show them around. There is a little work happening in the yard and Rondolf points at it and says that they have only just accessed a new vein of ore, thus the reason that the regular shipments had not been arriving. The party now becomes aware that most everyone in the yard have stopped and have now gathered around them. The party questions why there had been no contact with Tabott’s Holding. Rondolf states flatly he was not aware that he was required to as he was the master of his own holding. The party explain that there have been sightings of giants towards Tabott’s Corner and as there had been no contact with G’zakthanx Holding then it was natural to fear that they had been cut off. Rondolf stated that this clearly was not the case and indicated strongly it was time the party of heroes left.

The party take the hint and start to leave. As they head across the yard several of the women start to argue with Rondolf, one in particular breaks away from the group and reaches the party as they enter the entrance of the holding as Rondolf yells “Marriem no stop.” as he and another several men chase her. Marriem falls at the feet of Reollo and Sirath inserts himself between the party and the approaching men. Marriem explains that G’zakthanx has the children. Confused the party ask how a mountain can have the children, Marriem exclaims that it is not the mountain but the dragon the mountain is name after and she pleads that they do something to rescue the children.

The party ask why G’zakthanx has the children and the Rondolf explains that thirty years ago the holding discovered the ancient tunnels that led to G’zakthanx’s roost, there they found the mighty dragon insensate surrounded by mounds of riches. Over time they became brave and then braver and took this treasure to melt down and send to the factors at Tabott’s Corner, until recently when G’zakthanx awoke and in a fury took the children and is now demanding that they work to replace the lost wealth.

The party discussed ways to get into the roost as it was pointed out to them that the lower tunnel had been caved in and the only way in was a 150’ climb up a cliff face to the upper entrance. Lucky asked how the gold was provided to G’zakthanx . Rondolf said that he collected the refined gold weekly by flying down and collecting the gold up in a cloth carrying it away with him. Lucky asked when he was next due? Rondolf said that the last time had just passed and it would be another week before he was to return.

The party resolved that they needed to climb the cliff. Norhtal and Sirath took the lead and successfully scaled the cliff without incident and then secured a rope borrowed from the holding and lowered it down. The rest ascended with only a few minor bumps from losing their footing.

Now at the top they find themselves facing a 10’ round tunnel in the mountain side, it is near symmetrical and the side are smooth as if worn down over an age. Heading into the tunnel it is not long before Reollo and Norhtal realize that the tunnel is steadily spiraling up the inside of the mountain peak. After travelling for about a half hour the tunnel they have been travelling in opens abruptly out into a wider tunnel and the incline flattens out. It is clear that there is no more going up only deeper in. The walls have been what appears to be worn smooth just like the tunnel that they followed to get there, but here the walls have swirls and angular patterns carved skillfully into them. Standing back the party can see that they depict an opening and flowing scene telling a story. From the part that they can see it seems to be people going about their daily business under the gaze of massive reptile like creature.

They enter in deeper and come across a barred recess. Looking inside they realize they can see huddled small forms. The children of the holding. A few detach themselves from the rest and move over to the bars. They look remarkably well cared for. The heroes try and move the bars, to bend and break them without success. One of the children says to them that it will not work, that he is through their point through an unexplored tunnel entrance.

With no other alternative the party heads through the entrance stepping around a corner they stand before a huge cavern easily 50’ by 25’, with four massive pillars rising away upwards into darkness. The cavern is lit up by what appears to be glass orbs floating about 10’ off the ground. There in the middle of the room is a man dressed in purple with silver hair and a purplish tinge to his skin, sitting on a large purple and silver rug. He stands and says in a loud voice “Ahhh here are the heroes.”

Reollo asks the man if he is G’zakthanx. The man indicates that he is indeed and then asks what they want. Reollo embarks and an explanation that the children could be returned to the holding on good faith. G’zakthanx is angered calling the people from the holding thieves and stealers of his people’s wealth, that they must return that wealth to him to his people. Reollo asks what people he is speaking of? G’zakthanx states the people of his island the skaarwyrmgud people. Reollo explains that they have not lived on the island for some time. G’zakthanx looks a little bewildered and demands what they mean. The party then explains that dragons, ancient dragons have not been seen for 250 years, the skaarwyrmgud people ceased to exist at that time, the Brae who are now left live to the south on the islands there. G’zakthanx exclaims shock and says to himself “My people gone… My mother, my siblings. I must find them.” and starts moving past the party. Reollo tells G’zakthanx to stop, that his people might be gone but there is now another people from the holding willing to serve him, if only a compromise can be met. G’zakthanx turns and says “who are you to tell me what to do. The now means nothing without my people, all their wealth gone, just as they are.” and keeps moving shedding the clothes as he goes. The last catch sight of him as his form is shifting to something larger.

They take stock. Then the orbs that light the cavern fall to the floor and shatter.

Reollo and Norhtal go check on the children and find the bars have gone. Tiberius especially pays close attention to [[G’zakthanx’s Treasure]].

As the party step out of the tunnel the day seems to have lost some colour and the temperature has certainly dropped. A chill runs up their spines and as they gaze out across the clear blue sky they think they spot a far away glimmer of mauve and silver disappear over the horizon.

The party decide to use the cabinet to lower the children down the cliff face with, destroying it in the process. The villagers are effuse with their thanks. The party decide to stay for the night as dusk is but a short time away. At dusk Tiberius a meditating over the blood red stone and a sharp and debilitating pain scythes through him as it had the night before, leaving him wounded and drained. The itchiness and thirst is now persistent and the voices are a constant background noise.

7th day of 1st Nimos Second Epoch 2150

The party in an attempt to recover from their battle with the undead in the Brae ruin decide to stay another night. At dusk again when Tiberius is meditating looking into the stone experiences the pain and injure as before.

8th day of 1st Nimos Second Epoch 2150

The next morning in an attempt to try and keep Tiberius alive the party leaves the holding with the understanding that what has happened with the holding will be kept a secret.

I have a dream, eh what's that a Dragon? Do we get to kill it?

V'harn Rusty