Now did we forget anybody? and Them bones them bones... is that fire coming out of the sky?

24th day of 3rd Naylos Second Epoch 2150

Barely pausing for breath the party attended to Mr Shady’s wounds and then tried to revive Mr Shady. He roused for few moments. Long enough to tell them incredulously that it had been only 9 men in total that had taken down most of his crew. That the rest was tunnels and this was the main complex. With that Mr Shady returned to insensibility and unconsciousness.

The party weighed up their options. Tiberius was quite happy to leave Mr Shady to his own devices, no doubt seeing the immense benefit of having the local crime boss out of the way and access to before unknown tunnels highly useful for smuggling. The others would not hear of it at all. So the party decided to retreat out of the hole in the wall as it seemed there was nothing else for them to find. Tiberius used his unrestrained and dangerous powers to levitate Mr Shady out and suffered a great deal of damage for doing so. Sirath went and retrieved the small man still bound and gagged. They left the small man at the local Home Guard post quietly. Leaving a note on him to keep him bound and gagged.

The party then crossed the square with Mr Shady to the store front in the market square where they had met Mr Shady the second time. They knocked many times on the door, the party were about to give up thinking no-one was there when the door was opened to reveal a tall dark haired, fiery green eyed woman. The party could only assume that this was Mistress Emeldra Sneak herself. She thanked the heroes for helping the Alliance to expand their tunnel network, which somewhat disappointed not just Tiberius but Lucky also as Lucky had thought it would be a great hide out and way of escape if required in future.

The party returned to the Naemirund Manor to report to Iaral Naemirund and to recuperate. Iaral was not pleased to find that the party could not set out as early as previously agreed. During the intervening time of recuperation, which turned out to be 8 days as Tiberius had damaged himself so badly, everyone took the opportunity to train up some skills and sort out lose ends. Lucky went and saw Linus. Lucky explained to him that he was in no big hurry to deal with the manfestation of the flow in his blood. Linus stated that if anyone could handle not doing so it would be him as Adaru would certainly protect him.

2nd day of 1st Nimos Second Epoch 2150

Finally ready to go to Tabott’s Corner and Iaral was impatient for them to go set out.

The trip itself to Tabott’s Corner was uneventful only taking two days. The last vestiages of Naylos had started slip away. The last of the harvest was gathered and the free holder turned their attention to the securing of their holdings for the snows to come in 2nd Nimos.

4th day of 1st Nimos Second Epoch 2150

Arriving at Tabott’s Corner the group settled into the house of Iral’s factor in the holding, Hyael Orthon. Hyael proved to be a generous host of ostentatious propensity. His home was well amde and well appointed, but garishly decorated with art that could only be described as lacking any common taste. Hyael explained that communication had been lost with the holding on G’zakthanx peak. Seeing as there had been giants seen in the area lately it was a concern that the holding may be in trouble, under siege or worse. Hyael gave them a map explaining that the journey would take about one and a half days to make. There was a brae ruin along the way which they would reach at the end of their first day. The party relaxed for a while getting there bearings and packing for the trip to come. Half a day later Norhtal arrives having followed the others from Fallsea after having worked up enough courage to enter the city he found that they had left without him, likely as not passing him where he had camped outside the main gates. It sufficed to say he was not happy. (The PCs thought this was hilarious never-the-less).

5th day of 1st Nimos Second Epoch 2150

The party headed out the next day bright and early, making good time and approaching a Brae ruin just on dusk. As the approached they noticed to pale figures standing on the edge of the ruin. As they came closer they realised that they were two animated skeletons which were now charging at them at an unnerving pace they. This was not really an issue though and they were duly dispatched. Now more cautiously the party came closer to the ruins. They were now only two dozen yards out when another five skeletons emerged from the ruins along with a cloaked figure. The cloaked figure said in heavily accented Ilth “leave now and you can live.” Reollo tried to reason with the figure and the figure said “Fine then die.” With that fire started falling from the sky burning the heroes and another battle ensued. The skeletons moved forward attempting to hem the party in under the radius of the fire falling down. With some desperation the party attempted to break through with some success. With the cloaked figure throwing fire spells at the party whilst they they had to content with the skeletons, whilst trying to get close enough to kill the Brae Man. Tiberius threw a jar of his self made burning oil. It went awry as he tossed it at a skeleton. After this ensued a battle of wills over the resultant conflagration between Tiberius and the Brae man. This hurt Tiberius somewhat as his Ilth blood drained him of life. Finally breaking through Reollo and Norhtal succeed in wounding the cloaked man enough using their throwing axes, causing him to flee.

Sirath determine to see the man dead gave chase with the others still held up with a few of the skeletons. They followed once finished with the undead a little worse for wear. Sirath chased the man into the ruins and entered into a mostly standing building that the quarry had entered when it blew up in a large explosion which tore open the back of the building. Inside was a charred mangled mess. Sifting through the wreckage they discovered that under one of the stone slabs in the middle of the room was a tunnel. Surely this was where the man had gone. At the same time Tiberius as picking up hand written pages that were scattered about and found a rough and ready bed in a mostly untouched corner. In the bed clothes he found a blood red oval shaped dome about twice the size of a normal chickens egg. As he touched it he felt a clicking sensation within him and the near audible buzzing sensation he had since his Ilth blood activated subsided.

Now did we forget anybody? and Them bones them bones... is that fire coming out of the sky?

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